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Products Offered By The Nbfi's If Bangladesh

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Under this scheme, your money is deposited for a fixed period of time and interest is capitalized with the principal at each year.
Term deposit products are:
Annual Profit Term Deposit
A fixed return investment allowing you to withdraw or reinvest profit or principal at maturity.
Earn Ahead Term Deposit
This scheme offers you an opportunity to benefit from your investment at the time of opening account. Also allows you to reinvest withdrawal amount for further benefit.
Cumulative Term Deposit
Under this scheme profit from your invested amount has been capitalized at the end of each year (after AIT deduction), creating a new principal. Profit for next year will then be calculated on the full amount
Double money return
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Earn Ahead Term Deposit scheme is applicable for Individuals only.
Interest rate

Benefits of Deposit product :
Safe investment
High Return
Flexible and diversified products tailored to your needs
No incidental costs
Premature encashment allowed after completion of minimum duration
Any Individual or Firm or Corporate Houses are eligible to participate in the Deposit Scheme of ULC.
Best consumer service
Loan facility up to 80%-90% of investment amount.

Required documents :

ULC Deposit Account Opening Form- Duly filled in and signed
A cheque or Pay Order in favor of 'United Leasing Company Ltd'
Copy of Passport or National ID of the applicant and co-applicant also.
One recent color photograph of the applicant
One recent color photograph of nominee, attested by the applicant

Financial Highlights
Key Operating and Financial Data

(Taka in Million)
.. Operating Result 2009 2008 2007
.. Net operating income 447 419 387
.. Profit before tax 213 203 200
.. Provision for tax 51 50 57
.. Profit after tax 162 153 143

.. Balance Sheet 2009 2008 2007
.. Total lease / loan portfolio 7,212 7,264 7,175
.. Total assets 8,718 8,752 7,894
.. Financial liabilities 5,531 5,773 5,488
.. Total liabilities 7,456 7,606 6,859
.. Shareholders' equity 1,262 1,146 1,035
.. No. of shares outstanding 2.64 2.31 2.10

.. Financial Ratios 2009 2008 2007
.. Debt equity ratio 1 5.9 6.6 6.6
.. Return on equity (%) 2 13.5 14.0 14.5
.. Financial exp coverage (times) 3 1.3 1.3 1.4
.. Net asset value per share 4 478 434 392
.. Earning per share (Taka) 4 61 58 55
.. Cash dividend (Taka/ share) 4 7.5 17.5 15.9
.. Stock dividend (Bonus share) 1:1 7:1 10:1

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