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Products Liability Research Paper: Brazilian Blowout

1694 words - 7 pages

Products Liability Research Paper: Brazilian Blowout

Tekendrea Fayne

LEG500011VA016-1126-001: Law, Ethics & Corp. Governance

Francis Hatstat

Strayer University

September 9, 2012

Brazilian Blowout Professional Treatments are use of innovative and breakthrough bonding technologies, these treatments actually improve the health and condition of the hair by creating a protective protein layer around the hair shaft to eliminate frizz and smooth the cuticle. These treatments aim to smooth out unruly curls and waves and to reduce frizz. However, the treatments do not guarantee completely straight hair. If the Brazilian Blowout is performed correctly, about ...view middle of the document...

In September of 2010 Oregon's OSHA received complaints from various hair stylists in a salon of difficulty breathing, nose bleeds and eye irritation who all claimed to have used one such hair treatment, Brazilian Blowout. Oregon OSHA conducted air sampling in salons during this tproduct's treatments. Oregon OSHA subsequently broadened their warning to include other hair-smoothing products, especially those described as “keratin-based” and instructed that employers take steps to protect their workers. While still relying on improper testing and nomenclature methods, the Brazilian Blowout company (GIB LLC) says Eastwood's lab along with state labs in Oregon used the wrong test.
Brazilian Blowout Class Action Lawsuit

Stakeholders are the community of people affected by the decisions and actions of a business. They don't have a direct share in the ownership of the business necessarily, the difference in stakeholders are identified as internal and external. Internal stakeholders that Dr. DoRight has to deal with include owners of the business, employees, management, and so forth. External stakeholders do not own or work with the business, but still have an interest in the business. Those external stakeholders that Dr. DoRight has interest with are those who are of new developments, associations and organization inclusive; the press/media, local governments, local communities and public authorities; might also be debt holders/creditors; and specifically, customers and suppliers.
There are several conflicts of interest with the internal and external stakeholders that surface. Shareholders and employees have a common interest in the success and growth of the business, that’s understood so it is often the most common ground amongst the shareholders. In the example given, the negligent of the staff and patients dying, would have to be the biggest area of concern amongst all involved; however, it appears that the Regional Director Compliance two are critical stakeholders in development and overall process of the hospital. There has to be a huge conflict of interest in his loyalty as a physician to the public (external stakeholders like patients and the community organizations) versus the organization (other internal stakeholders like the board of trustees).
Ethical Duties
The ethical principles that should guide in Dr. DoRight decision-making should be respect for persons (which includes respect for the autonomy of the patient-client), beneficence, non-malfeasance, and justice in patient care within community and organization standards. Dr. DoRight reported the issue to Regional Director Compliance Manager and Executive Committee and it still has not been addressed. Initially, Dr. DoRight did what he was suppose to do but the following actions of nothing being done to resolve the issue is the problem at hand. The main ethical concern of Dr. DoRight is justice which is actions that are fair to those involved and decisions should be consistent...

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