Production In A Biscuit Manufacturing Essay

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Manufacturing biscuits begins with a planning process. At first, the production demand is analyzed. A biscuit company then creates a factory production plan ensuring the people working at the site, and the machines that are running are best utilized so that time and energy is not wasted.

The necessary raw and packing materials as required by the production plan are then purchased. The purchased stock is then received from the various suppliers at the factory store that is also called Raw Material Store (RMS). All incoming materials are checked for quality in Quality Assurance Department. The store is responsible for ...view middle of the document...

The mixture (dough) is then forwarded to next step. There are variety of factors that
are important when it comes to mixing the dough: the temperature of the ingredients, the mixing time and the order in which ingredients are added.

After mixing, the dough is then tipped into a hopper to cutting line and gravity-fed into the dough sheeting section of the machine. In this process the dough is fed through various rollers to form a sheet of dough. Depending on what type of biscuit is being produced, this process varies. Dough passes through the conveyer belt and is shaped according to the product. Different forming techniques are used to get the required shape and size of the piece of dough which will form the biscuit.

Unbaked biscuits enter the gas-fired oven, metal conveyer belt is constantly moving at a slow pace, where they are baked to form fresh, warm and deliciously smelling biscuits. Biscuits are baked rather than fried so the oil merely assists the flavor particles to cling to the biscuit surface. However, different types of heating devices are present to oven which provides different temperature. Approximately 6 minutes are passed...

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