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Production And Operations Functions Under The Changing Techno Structural Environment

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Production and Operations Functions under the changing Techno-structural Environment
Shweta R. Chinchole
September 2nd, 2013
Abstract: Majority of organizations today are restructuring, changing the work design and adapting the employee involvement (engagement) process in the business. However every function in an organization may or may not respond well to these changes. This paper focuses on the effects of Downsizing (effective way of restructuring the organization) and employee empowerment on the production and operation functions in the manufacturing industry. Employee empowerment has a positive impact on Production functions under specific conditions and with more of trust and social ...view middle of the document...

It is important to strike a right balance between the number of employees recognized for empowerment and operational efficiency.
Keywords: Employee empowerment, Downsizing, Operations
Contribution to the body of knowledge:
In this changing techno structural environment non-managerial employees are increasingly involved in the decision making process of Production and operation functions. This can be considered as a positive impact on operations as the technical employees are more versatile and judgmental while taking decisions. Out of the total employees in a manufacturing industry large numbers of technical employees are found in the production and operation functions. These employees can understand the issues in technical processes faster than the management group. Hence they can also provide in-depth solution logically. In such scenario employee empowerment is surely a boon to the organization with mutual understanding between the management and the employees.
Employee empowerment in larger organizations is seen to be successful only if the employee is willingly participating, there are proper guidelines, quest for knowledge and some kind of acknowledgement is given on accomplishment of the task.
Organizations where every employee’s job is tailor made, downsizing has a negative impact as the loss of skilled manpower may affect the operations. Especially those operations will suffer where the unit of employees is smaller and employees are expected to work within the fixed framework/boundaries.
Downsizing creates opportunities to identify, train and develop capable employees within production and operation departments to fulfill more responsible roles within the firm.
Individual employee empowerment may not have that impact on the production function as compared to team empowerment in larger organizations.

Table of contents
Concepts: Employee empowerment, Downsizing, Production function, Operation function
Secondary research:
Effect of Downsizing on the Production function
Effect of Downsizing on the Operations
Effect of Employee empowerment on the Production function
Effect of Employee empowerment on the Operations
Primary Research

Techno-structural changes are rooted in the disciplines of engineering, sociology, and
psychology and in the applied fields of socio-technical systems and organization design. Practitioners generally stress both productivity and human fulfillment and expect that organization effectiveness will increase with appropriate work designs and organization structures.
Restructuring Organizations, Employee Involvement, Work Design changes are the three major
Techno structural interventions. Restructuring Organizations can be further classified under three major groups Structural Design change, Downsizing, Reengineering.
Structural models then were developed based on research showing that organizations that faced dynamic markets and techno-...

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