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Product Offering Essay

1247 words - 5 pages

Product Offering
Lally Keyshla De Jesús, Josué Ubiles & Ariana Román
University of Phoenix
MKT/571 - Marketing
Prof. Magda Oquendo Santiago
January 31, 2013

Product Offering
Kalix is a swimwear production company base in Puerto Rico. This company specializes in swimwear and sportswear design, manufacturing and distribution. Kalix manufacture their products in a custom manner basically on demand, which means it can be in small or large amount orders all depend on the customer needs. Furthermore this company mayor steady income came from local boutiques and retailers. As a growing company Kalix want to expand for that reason company designers came with a new product they expect ...view middle of the document...

Miami is a very fashionable city with a tropical warm weather and the Swimwear Fashion Week. The Swimwear Fashion Week will be the perfect platform to show the world the new Purple Drop designs and their new and improved shapers. Miami will be the Home for their administrative and marketing offices keeping Puerto Rico manufacturing and warehouse. Currently Kalix is examining the possibility of outsourcing the Human Capital, they will choose between Colombia, Mexico or Panama, to take advantage of the Central America Free Trade Agreement also known as CAFTA or the Free Trade of Americas Agreement (FTAA).
* “The swimwear industry is doing swimmingly” that is the perfect phrase to describe the annual world's largest Swimwear industry event sited at the Miami Beach Convention Center. “Sales have taken off since the recession and are poised for further growth this year” (Hemlock, 2012).There has been a growing interest in the body and social acceptation during the past years. Therefore this has made a constant development in the Spandex textile and swimwear industries. The swimwear industry has become a billionaire industry. The designing possibilities are as big every customer needs and interest.
* At the moment the company is making market studies and comparing prices, benefits and possible profits before change the home base from Puerto Rico to Florida as you can appreciate in Table 1.1 Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats and Tendencies (SWOTT).
* Table 1.1 SWOTT
Strengths | 1. Custom Orders and large production 2. Made with a premium spandex/ nylon 3. Fashionable and modern styles 4. Affordable price |
Weakness | 1. New in the market 2. The company is not into an extensive marketing an advertising campaign as others competitors. 3. Strong main competitor. |
Opportunity | 1. The Brand can diversify further into different products lines 2. Venture into new markets |
Threats | 1. Brand may face counterfeit 2. New in the market |

Kalix want penetrates in Miami competitive market with “Sleek Koture” product with different twist. The Miami area has been growing in gross sales from last year recovering from the economic recession of United States. Kalix competitive position with product “Sleek Koture” in the Miami area will impact the population, raising the need to the product since this area identified by a high level of obesity by the CDC. The product is intended for people who have problems as weight they want to have a slim figure wearing comfortable and fashion clothing. IBIS World estimates that 24.0% of industry lingerie revenue is generated in the region of Florida (Panteva, 2012). Despite similar products in the market at the Miami area, Kalix is expecting that with their new and innovative of body shaper swimwear “Sleek Koture” will produce a big impact the market. The similar products are impacting the Miami market are Leonisa, Colombian body...

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