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Track: Personal Selling and Sales Management Keywords: sales promotion, planned purchases, unplanned purchases, impulse purchases, POP-displays Abstract We report the findings of an exploratory study on the interaction between buying behavior style and product presentation. The results, which are compatible with findings from other studies, offer support for our approach that the effectiveness of display usage is moderated by the type of product under promotion. Using ...view middle of the document...

g. Wilkinson, Mason & Paksoy 1982; Curhan 1974; Chevalier 1975; Narasimhan, Neslin & Sen 1996; Wittink et al. 1988). All in all, it has been shown that displays can have a positive impact on sales. Surprisingly, the important issue of display promotion efficiency has not been discussed in research yet. In consequence, marketers are still lacking empirically founded recommendations how to influence customers in the most efficient way through display usage. This neglect of efficiency issues in display research leads to the circumstance that a number of more differentiated possibilities remain unused. The purchase of a package of flour, for instance, is processed according to an entirely different logic in the consumer´s mind than a purchase of a chocolate bar. Consequently, in order to influence the buying process of flour, one must refer to different means as compared to a promotion for chocolate bars. Tools which show a convincing influence power when used with flour need not necessarily have the same power with chocolate bars. Incorporating these basic considerations when conceptualizing promotions might increase promotional efficiency significantly. This paper emphasizes the notion that the driving forces for customer behavior at the POP need a more distinctive consideration when planning and implementing in store promotions. Basically, two key determinants for the success of consumer persuasion in the context of retail promotion are explored in the following section: product category and

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presentation format. The study supports the hypotheses that buying behavior and the presentation format at the POP are the key determinants of the influencing power of a display promotion. As our findings show, displays are more effective in influencing purchase behavior when used with impulsively bought products. The question to which extend other categories should be considered for display promotion needs careful evaluation. With product categories bought by inertia, other than display-based forms of promotion seem to be more promising strategies when looking at promotional efficiency. Category-specific purchase behavior In the literature, consumer decision making is predominantly categorized according to the degree of cognitive buyer involvement (Assael 1995, p. 152; Engel & Kollat 1993; Cobb & Hoyer 1986). Therefore, decisions with a comparatively high degree of cognitive involvement can be distinguished from forms with comparatively low cognitive involvement (e. g. Sullivan & Adcock 2002, p. 66; Assael 1995, p. 152). The low-involvement-case can be further differentiated when additionally considering the amount of emotional buyer involvement. This results in four basic concepts of consumer decision making. Extensive decision making takes place when consumers are cognitively as well as emotionally highly involved. In general, one finds a high need for information, and the decision making requires...

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