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Product Data Management System ( PDM ) consisting of engineering data management and engineering document management system is vital for the performance of an EPCI ( Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Installation ) contractor in Oil & Gas upstream projects segment. PDM is used by all functions in managing the projects execution as well as during life cycle of the asset for operation and maintenance. Currently engineering data and documents are produced and managed though many different IT platforms and systems. Due to multiple cycle of information production by different functions, this process is inefficient, high cost and prone to errors. Recent technological innovation ...view middle of the document...

Planning department uses the same information for preparing integrated schedule and progress monitoring. As tools used by different functions are based on different technologies, information is transferred manually from one function to another function. This process induces errors and omissions in the data as well as adds inefficiencies and cost. When engineering data changes it need to be informed to other functions through transmittals and updated by all functions manually. To improve the efficiency of the work process it is suggested to use common foundation database for project where all engineering information is generated and stored and accessed by all functions in real time. Whenever there is a change introduced in the design all functions get the latest information from the common database and change the workflow planning accordingly. This reduces the manual transfer of data ( cheaper ), removes avenues for error ( better ) and increase efficiency ( faster ). Intergraph Smart Plant Enterprise and Aveva Digital Information Hub are 2 such products available for EPCI contractors and operating companies.
This implementation will benefit all stake holders in the project, contractors and operators alike. Various discipline in engineering will be working with common database and shared information will be generated from key documents and drawings automatically reducing the engineering execution time and improving the quality. Similarly procurement and planning function will access and update the information in same database providing the visibility to the delivery information and assisting fabrication function to schedule the task accordingly. Fabrication and commissioning function will be able to coordinate better and forecast the completion more accurately due to the visibility to the status in real time. Vendors and suppliers shall also be able to access the project information and engineering data through web portals and upload the information in the same database thus eliminating avenues for delays. Operating companies will receive a complete and accurate information for each and every component of the asset thus assisting them in operation, maintenance and future modifications / upgrades of the facility.
A company wide analysis of existing systems and processes is to be made to select the most suitable technology and product to replace the fragmented systems currently in use. This will be followed by implementation of proposed technology in all functions and business units and align the work processes with new technology. Monitor the performance and modify / upgrade as necessary until PDM system is able to improve quality and efficiency.
For implementation of this technology a management commitment and technology supplier support as well as buy in by all functions will be necessary. An initial investment decision is to be made which is expected to pay back multiple times over within...

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