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Product And Service Marketing Essay

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2.1 product and services marketing
3. Critically examine the winning strategy of Indigo Airlines which has recently posted net profit. Identify and evaluate the reasons for the failure of other Airlines.

Was an American airline headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. It is generally regarded as the world's first business jet airline. It was founded in 1997 by aviation veteran and University of Chicago graduate Matt Anderson business executive and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University alumnus John N. Fenton and McKinsey consultant and MIT PhD Tom Svrcek. Its headquarters were first located in Chicago's Near North Side, and later at Chicago Midway Airport

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Additionally, certain so-called multi-airport proprietor rules were invoked to lend additional weight to opponent's arguments.[citation needed]
Congressional lobbying directed to Admiral James Loy, Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Administrator and eventually codified in special interest legislation, was signed by President Bush as part of an FAA Reauthorization Bill. Indigo and American Express management, as well as FAA administration, argued that Indigo's use of Teterboro was appropriate and preferable to local alternatives such as LaGuardia Airport or Newark Liberty International Airport which were designed and configured for large airline aircraft and to prohibit the company from accessing the airport was an unfair discrimination under federal airport funding criteria. By September 2003, Indigo halted all flights in and out of Teterboro Airport.[3]
Indigo management also argued that the company helped advance the state of general aviation security and pointed to its advanced security procedures that were unique to the industry.[citation needed]
Indigo employed its own security personnel and was the first jet charter company to operate sterile flights between general aviation, non-airline facilities. Indigo customers, employees and vendors cooperated with comprehensive identity, background and screening procedures that were unprecedented in the private jet industry. Indigo submitted to numerous TSA security audits and was fully approved by relevant U.S. Government agencies. Comprehensive general and private aviation security continues to be an unresolved public policy issues.[citation needed]
By 2004, Indigo had voluntarily idled its operations after challenges in securing additional capitalization. The Indigo concept continues to resonate strongly with the traveling public and in 2005 the Netjets company, backed by Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway, announced its intention to begin scheduled business jet service between Chicago, New York and Los Angeles. Other projects mimicking the Indigo business model include Geneva, Switzerland based Club Airways, started by World Economic Forum founders the Schwab family. Other notable ventures borrowing on the Indigo "per seat" inventory, distribution and pricing strategy include the Dayjet company, Linear Air and various jet membership programs offering "shared per seat charter" services. Several North Atlantic services (sometimes referred to as the "Indigo of the North Atlantic") also directly applied the Indigo concept of a commercial corporate jet but in larger traditional airline aircraft and included MAXjet, Eos and Silverjet.[citation needed] In 2008, a new company called Greenjets began non-scheduled per-seat or shared-ride private jet service between major eastern US metropolitan markets. Greenjets intends to expand to include service to 30 major US markets by 2011. Greenjets, unlike Indigo, does not own or operate aircraft, but utilizes the vast jet charter fleet in the US...

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