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Product And Brand Essay

1370 words - 6 pages

Course Name: Product and Brand Management
Course Code: MKt342

Assignment Topic:
Designing and developing a new brand for a particular product

Submitted to:
Syed Parvez Khan
Lecturer, School of Business

Submitted by:
Nazia Hasan Shaity

1st February, 2013

1. Intorduction:
To successfully position of a brand above the competitor’s continuing fight for customers, we must develop a brand proposition that when conveyed in marketing and advertising campaigns, will provide an attractive, unique, and relevant message to current and potential customers. In addition, this proposition must be realized and consistently echoed by senior executives, customer support, R&D ...view middle of the document...

Brands are sponges for content, for images, for fleeting feelings. They become psychological concepts held in the minds of the public, where they may stay forever. As such you can't entirely control a brand. At best; you only guide and influence it.”
The fashion industry is a popular and competitive industry. With so much competition, it's imperative that clothing designers, jewelry designers, shoe designers and even boutique owners find creative ways to market their brands. In order to do this, fashion brands must keep the potential customer's prospective in mind from the product development stage to the product evaluation stage. There is a lot of pressure continuously placed on fashion labels, so it's no wonder only a few succeed and even fewer rise to being iconic.

2. A)Brand biography:
Name of the brand:
The name of the brand will be “WELCOME Fashion House”. We are going to give the best collection dresses of every color. Customer will be attractive about to our unique collection.
Logo of the brand:

This is the logo of our brand. We want to make the logo filled with attractive colors. WE mean Welcome. We use dark blue, black, pink and off white color in the logo. This was our long term planning about the logo. This logo will help to give our brand’s identity.
It is the part of the brand that is given legal protection because it is capable of exclusive appropriation. Trademark gives the right to be with unique name. It is mandatory for our brand protection.
b) How it will express the identity of our product:
Our product or service will have been in existence for a while and have direct competition. And if it doesn't, it probably soon will. Therefore, products that may be roughly equivalent in terms of their features need to have a brand identity that will impact consumer choice.
Brand identity is comprised of:
* Pricing - a component of value; higher prices may signify to consumers higher quality, and lower prices may suggest decreased value. We will give the customer the higher quality with a extendable prices.
* Distribution - Our product will be available but with limited distribution may imply exclusivity to discerning consumers. We will contact with top distributors for our product availability.
* Quality –Our dresses quality will be higher which impacts satisfaction, higher quality will translate to more satisfied customers who come back again and again to purchase our offerings.
* Presence – Our prominence in the paid and unpaid media; products or services with a high-profile market presence will lead to our brand recognition and increased sales.
* Awareness – The top-of-mind awareness, residual awareness and recognition, which are directly related to presence; the higher our offering's awareness, the better our sales results will be. This is mandatory.
* Reputation – We have to endure the public opinion of brand character, which is built over time and difficult to change once established.
* Image...

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