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From the reading we can determine that Proctor & Gamble uses a “Distributed Development” as part of their business strategy. When then CEP Lafley proclaimed that half of its new products would come from outside sources (Laudon & Laudon, 2013). What would be required to make this successful would be the integration of new systems along with a new direction. To be able to optimize its effectiveness the company would need to adopt a new collaborative strategy. The goals were to create innovative ideas in order to address the needs throughout the country as well as overseas at a lower margin of cost. With one major aspect being to still improve the lives of the company’s large customer base. ...view middle of the document...

By implementing Teamcenter Proctor and Gamble gave its employees, vendors and suppliers a tool that allowed them to access product knowledge. The new tools not only provided needed collaborative tools but it also allowed for work to be done in a familiar Microsoft environment.
Another tool that was introduced was the Cisco Telepresence which cut down in unnecessary physical meetings abroad. The product allowed for decision making to be cut down from days to mere hours and or just minutes. In today’s market the cost for teleconferencing has decreased while providing high definition meetings over long distances. The costs savings immediately rolled over into the travel department as lengthy trips were now a thing of the past. The new teleconferencing systems have become the predominant systems currently in use throughout Proctor and Gamble (Laudon & Laudon, 2013).
The strategies made an almost immediate impact throughout the firm. In the past Executives were unable to integrate any reports and or discussions into a single document. Regional meetings consisted of an antiquated form of sharing information. Researchers used "old-fashioned" glue to compile information into traditional notebooks which were passed to only a few colleagues. Word was used to transfer experiment data which would then be distributed at a conference. Another process would be to add the presentation and notes to PowerPoint slides and then the whole document would be emailed to the attendees. With the new systems integration the Information Technology group for P&G can create a SharePoint site in which the presentations can be stored. This allows for a single document to be...

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