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Processed Foods Essay

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Genetically modified foods are quite prevalent in the United States, in fact its quite difficult finding something on the store shelves that’s NOT genetically modified. Since most all corn, cotton and soybeans in the United States are genetically modified all products arising from them and those coming processed with canola oil are also genetically modified. (Millstone and Lang, 2008; Black, 2010). Genetic Modification (GM) occurs when the genome, or genetic make-up of an organism, has DNA from another organism grafted into it. The resulting organism has some desirable traits, such as herbicide resistance, insect resistance, or disease resistance.
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This often causes silencing, or the non expression, of the desired gene.
Once the desired gene is in place, a new plant can be tissue cultured from the cells that express the new gene. This is done through selective culturing. Since the new plant is only a few cells strong it must be grown in tissue culture media such as Murashige and Skoog medium. This media is embedded with antibiotics which kill the cells that don’t express the new desired trait. The plants are then grown to flowering and seeds are collected, these seeds carry the trait but must be selected by plant breeders to carry all the desired agronomic traits, lest they make the same mistake as the Flavr Savr team. (Trigiano and Gray, 2000)
After that process they are basically treated as their non GM counter-parts, unless there is a change to the product itself and then it must be labeled (such as high-fructose corn syrup). The Center of Food Safety publishes a manual on how to avoid GM foods. They list: Aunt Jemima
(Quaker Oats/Pepsico), Betty Crocker (General Mills), Bisquick (General Mills), Calumet Baking Powder (Kraft), Duncan Hines (Pinnacle Foods), Hungry Jack and Pillsbury (Smucker’s) Bertolli (Unilever), Campbell products (including Healthy Request, Chunky,
Simply Home, and Pepperidge Farm), Chef Boyardee (Con Agra), Chi-Chi’s (Hormel)
Classico (Heinz), Del Monte Healthy Choice (ConAgra), Hormel products, Hunt’s (ConAgra)
Old El Paso (General Mills), Pace (Campbell ‘s), Prego ( Campbell’s ), Progresso products
(General Mills), Ragu (Unilever) as GM containing products. It’s a pretty scary sampling of foods. Mostly everything available at the grocery...

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