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Process Layout Essay

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Process Layout Evaluation Load X Distance Analysis In the given layout movements occur between the departments in two ways namely forward and backward. It is important to ensure: (1) minimum travel, and (2) zero or minimum backward movement between the departments to minimize accidents and result in faster movements. Please note that transportation of material or goods and movement of people doesn't add any value but add cost. Thus it is necessary that such movements are reduced or completely eliminated. In this regard the overall objective of the layout is to minimize the total distance traveled by the materials or goods. Since the weight as well the distance matter, the objective is to ...view middle of the document...

Hence other methods have been developed. Case 1: Consider a 3 department layout as follows: The departments are arranged in a linear manner in three rooms 1, 2, and 3, as shown in the diagram: Room 1 Room 2 Room 3 Three departments have the inter-department movements as given in the following Table. From>>>to A B C A 20 15 B 12 C 10 18 Determine the layout that results in the least total load distance. Assume straight line movements.

To find out the best layout we adopt exhaustive enumeration method in which all the 6 possible combinations are evaluated as follows:
1 A B C A or NA? A NA A Total 2 A C B A or NA? NA A A Total 3 B A C A or NA? A A NA Total 4 C B A A or NA? A NA A Total 5 B C A A or NA? NA A A Total Load X D 64 25 18 107 Load X D 32 50 18 100 Load X D 32 25 36 93 Load X D 64 25 18 107 Load X D 32 50 18 100

Between Load Distance A and B 32 1 A and C 25 2 B and C 18 1

Between Load Distance A and B 32 2 A and C 25 1 B and C 18 1

Between Load Distance A and B 32 1 A and C 25 1 B and C 18 2

Between Load Distance A and B 32 1 A and C 25 2 B and C 18 1

Between Load Distance A and B 32 2 A and C 25 1 B and C 18 1




B A or NA? A A NA Total Load X D 32 25 36 93

Between Load Distance A and B 32 1 A and C 25 1 B and C 18 2

Considering the least total load distance value we recommend the following layouts both of which have a total value of 93.


Case 2 Consider four departments arranged in the following manner: A A B A C B C D






In this case exhaustive enumeration involves evaluating 4! = 24 combinations which is very time consuming and not efficient. Hence...

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