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Process Improvement Plan Essay

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Process Plan
OPS/571 Operations Management
December 12, 2011
Manuel Gonzalez

Process Plan
This paper will analyze the process of driving to an interview it will define a strategy, which can be applied to improve of the method. With building on week three’s task, which was recognizing the bottlenecks, I constant gather data that concerning the time it takes to drive to an interview during the week. The data is studied plus examined to decide what the lower and upper control limits will be in the sample means plus the sample range of the statistics. With consequence for the study offer evidence of ranges to progress to intensification the competence of the method. According ...view middle of the document...

When looking on the table individual will perceive days two and four of the week’s there was a significant sample range and upper sample mean than the additional existences days for the week. The cause of those other two-day actuality higher will be explained, beginning with the stage that I leave for the drive to the job interview. Days two and four when I leave going to the job interview far along in the morning than the rest of the days, which contributes to the higher amount of time it taken to drive to a job interview because of the road traffic.
Sample means of the data is calculated by taking the sum of the number of observations and dividing that by the number of observations. For day one, the sum of the observation is 55 + 47 + 40 + 50 = 48.00 minutes. For this range, individual can merely take the highest amount and deduct the lowest amount. Again, for day one we have 55 - 47= 8. For day one we have a summary of a mean of 48.00 minutes with a range of seven minutes. Following this procedure I calculated the remainder of the four days in the same manner. The results are list above in the table.
Control Limits
To determine the control limits for the Z-bar and R charts one need to use the following formulas stated by Chase, Jacobs, and Aquilano (2006). For the upper control limit of the X-bar, the formula stated in the text is X¯ = X⁼ + A_ 2 R¯. For the lower control limit of the X-bar, the formula stated in the text is X¯=X⁼ - A_2 R¯. The formula for the R chart upper control limit is R=D_4 R¯, which the formula for the lower control limit for the R chart is R=D_ 3 R¯. Using these formulas, I could construct the lower and upper control limits for both the X-bar and R charts. The center limit of both of these charts is equal to the mean of the sample means collected from the table above. In figuring the center limit, the X-bar center limit is 46.90 and the R center limit is 10.
This information form the table above is use in the formulas to determine the lower and upper control limits, there are a few numbers that not included in the table required to complete the calculations. These...

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