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It is hard for me to reflect on the process of writing the different poems that were written this semester. Each poem was different in its own way; the process of writing each poem was different. Some poems came naturally, other I had to force the words to come out. The poem that were easy to write where the pomes that had less editing, and if they need any editing it was miner things, like change of words, or the title needed to be changed. However, the poems that required a lot editing were poems that took the longest to write. The poem U Kiss was written or composed in five minutes, the process of writing the poem was easy because the words are there I just had to rearrange the lines so ...view middle of the document...

After reading it to the class, I got pretty good feedbacks, a lot of the students were confused with the poem, and what is it about, they gave me feedbacks that helped me improve the poem. After editing the poem to the feedbacks that I got, I feel that there are less confusing lines. I liked it.
The final poem that is called Sweet Pea Final Farewell, it is a poem that I wrote for the postcard assignment. I was not sure what to write for that assignment, a bit confused. After I submitted it, it was not what the assignment was asking for, so I rewrote another poem and ended up keeping this poem as the fifth poem in the portfolio. It went through some rough editing, by my sister, before I submitted it. It is a shot sweet poem, but I feel that it could be improved. I wrote it as if it was a letter to a dead person. I remember editing the poem U Kiss and think that I want to write another poem in a form of a letter. But the poem was inspired by the poem On Wanting to Tell [ ] about a Girl Eating Fish Eyes by Mary Szybist, that poem, for...

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Process Essay

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