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Process Assignment

665 words - 3 pages

English 119 Process Assignment (Spring 2013)

Important: bring this document to your workshop this week (the week beginning May 20)

You are encouraged to work on this assignment with one other classmate (each will receive the same grade).

The Scenario: a company called Galaxease, Inc. has been involved in a number of lawsuits over the past few years. The company prides itself on innovative “futuristic” technologies designed to create a life of luxury for customers. However, the company’s products can be extremely dangerous if used incorrectly: some people have been badly injured, have vanished into thin air, or have died.

The lawsuits have mostly involved the instructional ...view middle of the document...

You can also examine other instructional manuals, but acknowledge any sources that you use. Always provide specific examples (again, you won’t have space to talk about everything, so pick some of the most important flaws).

Your sample pages should use colour and be effectively designed, applying the criteria and practical advice for effective instructions discussed in the lecture.

At least one of your sample page redesigns should include steps from the device setup or operation sections. Here are examples of other sample pages you might include:

• an “important safety information” page
• an introduction, with a motivator and overview (or table of contents)
• a parts diagram
• a troubleshooting section

Be creative: consider elements of document design that will appeal to readers and make your redesigned document easy to read. Use colour, plenty of white space, and eye-catching graphical elements. Do not neglect features (such as caution graphics) that are...

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