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Proceedings Of The International Conference In The Built Environment In The 21st Century

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BSc (Hons) in Applied Accounting Degree Programme

Kaplan Financial

Kaplan Financial



Why should you do the BSc Honours degree
in Applied Accounting?
A great, satisfying personal achievement - something for you and your friends and family to be proud of!

Improves your career prospects if you decide to change employer and helps progression within a company if you are staying

Gives you a change from sitting exams, helping you to refresh and re-focus

Develops your communication, analytical & report writing skills

Helps you understand how exam topics work in real business environments

If you’ve qualified, will count ...view middle of the document...

Eligibility Criteria
To be eligible, you must have completed the Fundamentals level of the new ACCA qualification (F1 – F9) and specifically have sat and passed papers F7, F8 & F9. If awarded exemptions from papers F7, F8 or F9 you will not be eligible to join the degree scheme. You are also required to hold a minimum English language qualification (e.g. GCSE English) or equivalent (which includes ACCA paper F4). You are given the opportunity to opt into the degree at the time of initial registration with ACCA. For those who do not opt in at this time you can do so on the ACCA website, any time prior to passing papers F7, F8 or F9. Your status is indicated on each examination entry form, which is sent out in February and August each year. Please note that you must complete your RAP within ten years from your first date of registration with ACCA (see ACCA website for details). You must also complete the online Ethics module BEFORE you can submit your RAP. Deadlines are as follows: o o to submit your RAP in the Spring, complete the Ethics module by 31 January of the same year to submit your RAP in the Autumn, complete the Ethics module by 31 July of the same year

Students will only be permitted 3 attempts to complete the degree.

To obtain the degree, you need to have passed not only the relevant ACCA examinations (see above) but also have to produce the following output specifically for Oxford Brookes: • Pass the Research and Analysis Project (RAP) which consists of 2 parts: o o • • 6500 word Research Project (RP) 2000 word Skills & Learning Statement (SLS)

Deliver a presentation of your findings to the Project Mentor and peer group Attend 3 mentor meetings with your Project Mentor

Oxford Brookes provides a list of 20 project titles, which should cater for the majority of projects being undertaken. It is strongly advised that you adhere to this list of topics, which can be adapted to suit individual interests and/or company requirements. These can be found on the ACCA website.
Kaplan Financial 3 Feb2009

When to do the degree
Before starting the degree, make sure you have sufficient time available to conduct your research and prepare your reports, ensuring you have a good work / study / life balance. Most students who work fulltime will require 5-6 months in order to obtain and analyse their data and then and prepare their reports, ready for submission. If you are a full-time student then you may be able to complete the degree in a shorter amount of time, provided you are able to obtain all the research information you require. There 3 key times to do the degree are: After Fundamentals level After Essentials module When all exams are completed (this can count as part of your CPD requirement) Many students prefer to wait until they have passed all their exams before attempting the degree.

Project Submission deadlines
Instead of exam deadlines, there are RAP submission deadlines. The university allows the...

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