Problems Of Stress And Burnout For Employees And Employers

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Problems of Stress and Burnout for Employees and Employers


Work-related stress and burnout turn into a more widespread problem in the American workforce. Both employees and employers face problems when dealing with this issue. Our book defines burnout as a special type of job stress; a state of physical, emotional or mental exhaustion combined with doubts about your competence and the value of your work (Dressler, 2011). Stress is much more then just a specific situation though. Stress basically is a responsive reaction of an individual to a particular situation. This is why stress is usually difficult to cope with because every person reacts differently to a certain ...view middle of the document...

Impact of Stress on the Employee
Chronic stress is a state of continuous stimuli over a long period of time that impacts our ability to make decisions. If the stress is not managed properly the heart and brain will receive more of the blood supply while the vital organs receive less. Blood sugar levels along with cholesterol and fat will rise (Sandon, 2006). The longer the body stays in this condition the more physical damage will occur. Heart attacks, high blood pressure, increased metabolism, decrease in protein synthesis, digestion, increased cholesterol, inflammation, faster blood clotting, and increased production of blood sugar for energy, are some examples of the damage that can occur (Canadian Center for Occupational Health and Safety, 2012). Stress can also Psychologically, chronic stress interferes with the brain's chemical transportation system (Sandon, 2006). When this system is interrupted many physical and emotional symptoms will occur. Some examples are sleeplessness, fatigue, frequent headaches, and lack of concentration. All the examples lead to poor quality work and an increase in accidents and injuries. The unnecessary pressures at work can not only be detrimental to the well being of an employee but also affect the company in negative way.
Impact of Stress on the Employer
Disabling stress on the job has at least doubled since 1990 according to the publication, "Communicator's Skill Sharpener." How stress affects employees and customer service is apparent in the following statistics: (Most employees carry stress of the workplace long past 5 o'clock, 1997)
* 75 percent to 95 percent of all U.S. doctor visits are stress-related.
* 72 percent of American workers experience stress-related illnesses, driving up health care costs.
* 40 percent of employee turnover is because of stress.
* 1 million employees per day are absent from work.
These cannot be good numbers for the employer and will affect the overall production.
Stressed and burned-out employees will result in decreased productivity and poor performance. Stress can make it difficult to concentrate on complex problems or issues, and it might affect memory. You might neglect to complete certain important tasks or forget to perform a key part of a procedure. If you don’t feel as if management supports or empowers you, you might feel that no reason exists to do your best work. Stress can lead to feelings of negativity, lack of enthusiasm and apathy. When you experience these feelings, you might no longer care about doing a good job. Another factor that has an effect on the employer are the possibility of high turnovers. High turnovers will result because employees begin to look for new jobs or consider retirement. The loss of experienced employees can cause decreases in production and increases in costs associated with recruiting, hiring and training new workers. A high turnover rate also can make...

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