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Problems Of America Essay

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Problems of our Times
More than 2/3 of all adults and 1/3 of all children are overweight. Children and youth have learned worse eating habits and are less physically active than they were 25 years ago. If America continues to have this negative lifestyle, more and more people are going to become overweight and life an unhealthy life. The problems in today’s society concerning diet and exercise are the movement around electronic culture and the growth of the fast food industry.
Fast food consumption has increased dramatically over the last 25 years. Causes of this increase are due to the fact that there are less home cooked meals and more meals that involve going to get fast food. More and more families rely on fast food because ...view middle of the document...

Today’s generation is very attracted towards television, video games, cell phones, the Internet, and etc. instead of going outside. The creation of online gaming through Xbox-Live, Playstation Network, online PC gaming, and many more, are taking a lot of time away from physical activities. There are over 20 million Xbox-Live accounts and around 38 million Playstaion Network accounts. Users on both online systems spend about 84 hours a month gaming. That’s nearly 4 full days of playing video games! Although unhealthy eating habits and electronic culture are negatively impacting a healthy lifestyle, there are ways of limiting these examples and help oneself to become healthier and more active.
Families need to get in the habit of having home cooked meals instead of bringing home fast food every night. If families replace a greasy burger and fries with a healthy home cooked meal, it will greatly impact their overall health and diet. To help fix the attraction towards electronic culture, there are many ways to limit time spent using electronics. There are programs on Xbox-Live and Playstation Network where parents can limit how much time their children spend gaming. Similar programs are also available for the computer to limit ones time spent on the Internet.
Many Americans are getting used to an unhealthy life style. Whether it be the increase of fast food meals during the week, or it be the increased time spent using electronics. Limiting these factors is beneficial to any human being. People need to be informed of how to benefit themselves by getting rid of these factors out of their lives. Once one figures out how to eat better and spend less time glued to the TV or computer, then they will find out how to live a healthier life.

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