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Problem Solving Simulation Essay

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Frank Floyd

Problem Solving Simulation

University of Phoenix

October 28, 2012
How did you interpret the problem?
When I first looked at the problem on hand this was going to be difficult to solve. When you look at the picture going to get tr wondering how are you going to get these animals to the other side of the lake without them eating each other. I have studied and I still couldn’t come up with how to solve the problem. With this situation it is hard to solve without making two trips across the lake with adding two animals on the raft with me. ...view middle of the document...

But here’s where your problem comes in at; because of the cat being on the other side it doesn’t get alone with neither dog nor the mouse. So, then this seems like the cat is the main problem of getting all three animals across the lake. This is what makes it difficult to solve.
Did you encounter any obstacles while solving the problem?
I’ve thought about it and I tried all three positions that I could think of to get all three animals across the river. At first I was going to take the cat across; but then when I go back to get another animal you couldn’t leave the cat with neither animal. So this is where I think the problem cannot be solved; but if you look at it the animals are together on one side of the river and their not fighting amongst each other. So I’ve come up with a conclusion that I must find a way of moving the last two at the same time; which would be the dog and the mouse.
Were you aware of this thought process as you worked through the problem?
At first when I looked at the situation; I thought that the issue could be solved. But as I kept thinking and thinking the only way that this issue was going to be solve with moving all three animals is to move the cat first and move the dog and mouse together. But the scenario advised that only an animal and the man could fit on the raft. The only way that I see you and transporting the animals across the river is you have to figure out and the only way I see is either building a bigger raft where all can fit at one time.

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