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Problem Solution Essay

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Problem Solution: Global Communications
Pelesia Tillman
University of Phoenix

Problem Solution: Global Communications

The Union is a challenge with expectations of treating employees with respect and accepting their ideas for change. The hardship at Global Enterprises are seen as an Opportunity instead of a problem The telecommunications business is booming and to stay in the business of selling advanced technology equipment, Global Communications wanted to stand by their name global by outsourcing to India and Ireland, in hopes of competing in local markets and expand globally. Relationships between the union and its ...view middle of the document...

Telecommunication companies are pressured to produce bigger, better, or faster service. Global communications faced competition on the consumer level. New calling features and suites of local and long-distance services helped, but the industry suffered at the hands of cable television providers.
To down size the domestic call centers meant a lot of employees would lose their jobs if they werent able to relocate. Moving call centers would save on unit prices for handling calls by 40% . The Board of Global Communications decided to stay in the competition by agreeing to enter and compete in local markets with expansion into India and Ireland. Since Global telecommunications company wasn't prepared for stock value to depreciate. Three years ago stock at global sold at 28 dollars a share. With all the competitors advancing in technical sophistification, Global couldn't keep up and stocks failed to 11 dollars a share almost a 50% a depreciation in total sales coming through Global. Global plans to allie with satellite companies to offer video services and sattelite provider to offer video services. Partnering with wireless providers offers a chance to compete with local markets and be a part of the global industry.
After three years Global Communications hope to have salaries increase to employees and provide 15% retention bonuses. Values would be set and considered in terms of the communication gap between Global and the Union as a partnership.

Stakeholder Perspectives/Ethical Dilemmas
The Global Communications suffered after other telecommunication companies developed better services and was leading competitors in the industry. Union workers at Global were not aware of changes before the deal was brought to the board's attention. Union workers thought that this idea was another way to undermine their initial contract. They were told previously that a reduction in some of their education benefits along with health benefits would be helping the company at best to increase its share profits to stay a float and not lose the whole business. The plan was necessary for the company's long term growth, which would give the more members and benefit their current members. At Union, headquarters they disagree with the plan of going global and want the board to reconsider their ploy to move call centers to Ireland and India. Team Leaders convinced the employees that they are the reason for the business success. The way employees are being treated could make them work for other companies competing against them because they do not honor ethical values. Had they informed union and union informed workers they would have an option of staying on bored or leaving the job. Layoffs of employees could have morale issues and impact productivity all together. One would think Global having great consideration of employees and their futures would inform the union of such strategic moves.


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