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Probation Report

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Six Months Probation Report


SoftWorks Limited


Obinna Okoye
April 2012

This report is presented to the Human resources unit as my probation report after six months on the job as a Sales Engineer. I rejoined Softworks Limited in May, 2011, after concluding my Masters Programme for which the company granted me a study leave. As a Sales Engineer, my business responsibilities involved developing new business solutions for the company in my assigned industry, ensuring the proposed solutions meet and exceed customer requirements and expectations, and taking responsibility for expanding the solution ...view middle of the document...

This has really been a good learning curve as I have been able to widen my knowledge on a lot of solutions and products by reading and writing on them. Doing this also makes me in being a very organised person, as each proposal could be requested for at any point in time, so you have to know where every document must have been stored and which version is the latest version.
There are always challenges with every role, and more so with a new role. I discovered that engaging clients is not an easy role as most often that not, the client already has someone he trusts to profer him the right solutions. So I have to first try to understand the clients position, to understand him as a person, as this is key to gaining his trust. Most clients, at first sees everyone enagaging them as just trying to sell a product and move on. So it is a big challenge to make the customer understand that you want to partner with them on any IT solutions they might want to deploy. So building the relationship takes a while but surely matures with time, even with pressures from the company for you deliver on sales.
Another challenge was that my Unit didn’t really have a sales structure in place, so it was more of buliding everything from scratch. This made it a bit difficult to hit the roads immediately. So we had...

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