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Probation And Immigration Essay

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Immigrants and Community Supervision

The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is an agency of the Department of Homeland Security which protects national security and upholds public safety. Their mission is to target criminal networks and terrorist organizations that seek to exploit vulnerabilities in our immigration system, in our financial networks, along our border, at federal facilities and elsewhere in order to do harm to the United States. The end result is supposed to be a safer, more secure America, however in two articles one in Houston and the other in Colorado we see that criminal immigrants are being given probation instead of being ...view middle of the document...

By giving them jail time we spend tax payer’s money on criminal immigrants who don’t even belong in the United States. We then continue to spend money on them by giving them parole or in some instances they are given a sentence alternative which is probation. We use our resources such as money, counseling services and educational opportunities to help criminal immigrants when we have enough of our own criminals to deal with. In my own personal opinion we should be deporting these criminals not helping them by giving them probation when it is a fact that most criminals recommit crimes especially if they are rapist or murders. (
I would like to begin by exploring an article written by Tom Tancredo in the Colorado Statesmen “Are we deporting enough criminal aliens?” In this article three recent deaths in Aurora, Colorado are the center of controversy around the cracks in immigration law enforcement. Three victims family’s are outraged that Francis Hernandez an unregistered, unlicensed driver, and illegal alien that was arrested and charged with manslaughter was still on the streets in 2008 after being arrested over a dozen times in the Denver region of Colorado since 2003 by nine different state police departments. This man was on the streets for five years for crimes such as criminal impersonation, forgery, traffic violations, including driving without a license and without insurance before finally killing three people and being incarcerated in April of 2008.
Officers suspected that Hernandez might be living here illegally when he was previously arrested and they contacted the Colorado Department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. However ICE never followed up on the inquiry to his citizenship, so no detainer was issued and Francis Hernandez was free to go, free to kill three people in a car accident while driving an SUV. Hernandez ran a red light which led to the deadly collision he was then held on a $250,000 bond on three charges of vehicular homicide, reckless driving, vehicular assault (for the another four people who were injured), leaving the scene of an accident, driving without a license and driving without proof of insurance. ICE was contacted again the day after the tragedy and responded with hesitation as to whether or not Hernandez is legally in the US. According to ICE, Francis Hernandez has numerous aliases and repeated false claims of US citizenship. Although the ICE has reported deporting 4,792 illegal immigrants from Colorado in the fiscal year of 2008 how is it that they failed to look into Hernandez when they had his information. In my opinion criminals such as Hernandez should not be given jail time in the United States they should not be put under the supervision of our courts, jails, or law enforcement officers, they should be deported from our countries and never to be allowed back. We should not waste any efforts to give these criminals probation, parole, or jail time in the United States when we...

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