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Pro Choice Essay

757 words - 4 pages

Avery Klemp
English 105/106
Mrs. Pulis
Abortion has been a controversial topic in America for a very long time. Society believes that abortion is immoral and considers abortion to be murder. People that do not support, or “pro-lifers”, believe that if abortion were illegal there would not be any abortions performed. However, over 70,000 maternal deaths occur every year due to unsafe abortions (AboutNews). These women die making the idea of pro-life extremely contradictory. The government should not be able to make medical decisions for women in America. Pro-choice is necessary in America so women who have life threatening conditions due to their pregnancy or are ...view middle of the document...

Adoption is not a reproductive choice it is a parenting choice. The woman deciding whether or not to carry out a pregnancy must make her own evaluation if she is ready to be pregnant for nine months, if she can afford it financially, and is she physically and psychologically stable enough to undergo pregnancy and childbirth. Ultimately this decision should be left for the woman to make, not the government. As you can see in the chart above the majority of American citizens over the span of 14 years agree that it should be the woman’s choice, not the governments.
Doctors, not the government should be the people to give medical recommendations. Pregnancy can be life threatening to the women who is carrying the child. Preeclampsia is a condition in pregnancy when the mother suffers from high blood pressure, excess of protein in the urine, and liver or kidney abnormalities (Mayo Clinic). Conditions such as preeclampsia are life threatening to the mother and affects 15% of all women (Mayo Clinic). There are hundreds of life threatening conditions besides preeclampsia. Imagine your mother, wife, sister, or friend found out that she could...

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