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Privilege Paper

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One of the privileges I have is the privilege of citizenship. One of the ways I benefit from this privilege is that compared to the living conditions I fare are better than most illegal immigrants, which for the purpose of this paper I will shorten to ‘aliens’. I live in a house bought by my mother shortly after I was born, this had enabled me to live comfortably in a relatively secure neighborhood and go to nearby schools associated with the school district fixed to my location. I live in a house that is in good repair, not crowded, equipped with AC, a washer and dryer, and cable TV and internet service. I can cook meals in a kitchen with food stored in a refrigerator. I have household ...view middle of the document...

They would be required to use a washer/dryer that requires payment either at their apartment complex or at a local laundromat or perhaps handwash and sundry with insufficient funds.
Without internet service, or in matter of fact a computer, in their apartments they would have to resort going to public places such as the local library in order to use their computer and internet. Speaking of transporting from place to place, whereas I have legal status to purchase a car if I so choose and have a driver’s license, aliens aren’t allowed to get a driver’s license, only a state id. Therefore they aren’t allowed to physically or even financially buy a car, so they would need to rely on public transportation to get themselves over a long distance or by taking a walk/bike. This also applies in the larger scale in that as a legal citizen I am allowed to travel to other countries easily by taking the necessary steps to do so, but aliens cannot do so. They do not have the ability to sign into a cell phone contract because of the information required and must rely on using prepaid cell phones/plans that do not have an auto-pay feature that makes payment easier for the majority of Americans, this of course, connects to having...

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