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Private Security Laws Essay

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Private Security Laws
SEC 350

The laws in governing legal authority and licensing requirements fro private security companies and officers vary from state to state. When looking at private security at the international level in those as an example working with Department of Defense or Department of State and many other government agencies, private security must adhere to federal mandates in regards to training, continued training which could be testing to ensure that employees are meeting the standards based on the contract, and the assurance that employees are abiding by company and federal guidelines. However, the focus of this paper is ...view middle of the document...

9). While state requirements are in place for the appropriate training required in order to perform private security officer duties, private security employers have the right to instill their own additional policies and requirements for training such physical fitness programs and an expanded knowledge of a variety of firearms in the performance of their duties.
Comparison of the Limitations of Authority Associated with Private Security Personnel and Public Officers.
When looking at the comparison of the limitations of authority associated with the private security personnel in the private industry and the law enforcement officers that perform the duties and responsibilities of maintaining the peace for the state of Virginia, there are similarities but there are many differences as well. With the private industry, certificates from firearms training and licensing certificates are issued based on what the performance of their duties and tools utilized need to be recertified after a given time. Law enforcement on the other does not adhere to certifications but instead provides retraining to ensure qualifications for the tools and techniques they use are up to speed and with in state guidelines. When looking at the financial budget of law enforcement, they are given a department budget provided by the department of state. No budget is the same as departments of law enforcement in the state of Virginia vary in size and capability. The private sector however must use it’s own resources in order for companies to train their employees or for individuals to utilized their own personal finances in order to obtain appropriate licensing or order to obtain a security type occupation. When looking at the comparison of arrest and detainment, there is a significant difference. “A detention, from the word "detain," is a limit on the...

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