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Private Security Law Essay

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Private Security Laws
Joseph Hawley
February 4, 2013
Ralph Martinez

Private Security Laws
The State of California requires that any person or company that provides private security, loss prevention, executive protection, private investigations or security officer training services must be licensed by the State. These licensing requirements are among the most stringent in the nation with significant penalties for anyone found to be in violation. Any person or company providing security, protective or loss prevention services must be licensed by the State. This license is called a Private Patrol Operator license or “PPO”. PPO licenses are issued by the California State ...view middle of the document...

Security officers, alarm company employees, private investigators & executive protection agents, whether they are employees of a PPO or your own employees, may not carry a weapon unless they also have in their immediate possession a valid a Firearms Qualification card & Guard Card issued by BSIS . The BSIS issued firearms card must also indicate they are qualified in the same caliber of firearm they are carrying. Off duty law enforcement officers who are working as security or personal protection must also comply with this requirement. A concealed firearm may not be carried unless the security officer or protective agent also possess a valid CCW (Carry Concealed Weapon) issued by their local law enforcement agency. Failure to comply with these requirements is a criminal offence and will likely result in immediate arrest and eventual prosecution and revocation of any permits or licenses issued by BSIS.
Cities and counties require that business operating in their jurisdiction possess a current business license and many times people hiring private security mistake the city business license for the PPO issued by BSIS. Remember that any company you hire to perform private security must provide you with both a PPO issued by BSIS and a business license issued by your local municipality.
Private and public officers have different authority. A private officer has more limited power than a public officer. A private officer will still be allowed to detain a suspect for questioning. However, when concerning arrest, a private officer is making a citizen’s arrest. In other words arrest is not considered the same as an arrest made by the police and does not always mean that a suspect will be go to jail. The main difference between private and public officers is that an arrest is less likely to occur in a private setting but still have the power to make an arrest. Much different from the past, private officers will use public officers to assist in any cases, which...

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