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Private or public education- discuss

There is no doubt that one of the most influential factor representing our identity is education. We live in a democratic world and as Alexis de Tocqueville once said,
“a well educated populace is essential to democracy”. A country is not able to exist without erudite people who do not let to cheat themselves by the cunning government, who are familiar with the procedures and able to read complicated documents, who know exactly what are their desires and participate consciously in a political life. Nevertheless, it is extremely hard to choose the type of education which will not disappoint us due to the level, the staff or the whole organization. Of ...view middle of the document...

Thanks to their work, students do not feel like taking expensive private lessons.
No one would argue that private schools are more affluent thanks to the students’ input. Consequently they boast about the specific and modern equipment which satisfy even the most demanding students. It is because high schools often try to outdo one another at the quality, equipment and conditions of studying. Hartman sees such a good point as classes which count much less students than in public schools, therefore everyone deserves teacher’s individual attention. Moreover, the money they administer gives the schools opportunity to absorb their libraries with modern, extremely useful and essential books important during the studies at the higher level.
School conditions are often taken into consideration while we select the best high school. As we can observe in our real life, private schools are not only good-looking, but also provides us with a great range of offers which are pleasant to students. Such schools are more open to the novelties and take into consideration students’ needs and new ideas referring to changes for better. Hartman also claims that parents, when they pay for education are more active and interested in school life....

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