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Privacy Endangerment With The Use Of Data Mining

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Privacy Endangerment with the Use of Data Mining
An emergent Information Technology (IT) issue that has been rising in the past few years has been data mining. Data mining is utilized to retrieve personal identifiable information provided by individuals through the use of Internet services such as: social media networks, email, and other networks that contain data bases full of personal information. If such data retrieval if not done careful, it can cause ethical issues for the companies that are involved. The ethical issues related to data mining are violation of privacy, confidentiality, and respect of persons’ rights. Issues that required the immediate attention regarding data ...view middle of the document...

, & Krotov, V., 2006). Most companies complied with the request but Google did not. Google’s fiasco raised a series of questions about Google’s ethical use of information. Resulting on a Congress movement to provide a legislation that would instruct companies to destroy stored data with personal information. This same incident allowed the Department of Justice to review several data mining collections that indicated that these companies were protecting the user against the law (i.e. murder plots, child pornography, and a variety of other crimes.)
Our government currently uses data mining to identify potential terrorist or criminal acts. However, these invasions of confidentiality and privacy are allowed and protected by federal laws. The responsible use of these federal laws allows our citizens to remain safe. Government employees authorized to conduct data mining undergo a series of ethics training and refresher training that allows them to understand that importance of protecting personal identifiable information. However, there will always be a possibility of government data mining to be compromised by unethical behavior.
Data mining is utilized to provide the following identifiers: “Association, Sequence or path analysis, Classification, Clustering, and Forecasting” (Rouse, M., 2015). Although most data mining is legally utilized to establish user trends to be able to target their interest. Thus allowing corporations to profit from their consumers needs without risking erroneous marketing. Data mining if done unethically can expose users’ information to be at risk of potential illegal targeting or their information may be stolen. Thus creating a greater risk of identity theft.
The main ethical violation that data mining brings to users is the high possibility of their confidentiality, privacy and the respect of people’s rights being violated. Currently, Social media and Internet companies spend countless hours on ethical training and Code of Conduct training to reduce and ultimately prevent the users’ confidentiality from being violated. These ethical principles “recognize the necessity of protecting these rights and the welfare afforded of those who trust providers. Because of emerging threats to privacy, client data may currently be under protected, regardless of current policies” (Lustgarten, S. D., 2015).
Unfortunately, the “digitalization of records and communication also provides greater threat to outside entities that may unlawfully infringe...

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