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Principles Of Marketing Essay

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When evaluating market strategies there are many factors to consider. The home healthcare industry has many different ways of marketing their services. Along with every marketing strategy there are threats involved. This paper will assess three of the environmental marketing forces: society, economic, and technological forces and how they impact home healthcare services. By evaluating and assessing how to capitalize on strategic opportunity this should in turn provide a better understanding of the three environmental marketing strategies listed above and how they affect the home healthcare industry.

Home Healthcare and Marketing

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It is important to consider the ever changing economic environment that we live in. Recession, depression, and recovery are just a few of the economic changes that we face on a day to day according to Fisher, Staiger, Bynum & Gottlieb (2006), These changes alone play a major role in the marketing structure of home health care services. For example, if the economy takes a down turn this will affect the financial abilities of most customers to be able to pay for their services and or medications. In turn, if the economy is thriving this will open up many new avenues for new or repeat business.
The third environmental force that has an impact on the home healthcare service is the technology environment. According to Fisher, Staiger, Bynum & Gottlieb (2006), there is no doubt that technology plays a leading role in the success and functionality in majority of businesses today. The home healthcare industry is no different. Technology provides ways of making communication and the ways in which we work somewhat easier. Within the health industry there are software programs, medical devices, and a plethora of many other things that are technologically enhanced and are designed to work for the betterment of their consumers. Technology has a major impact on the success or failure of the home healthcare service that are offered today.
It is also important to look for any threats involved while making a marketing decision of any size. While taking a look at the society environmental force and the decision to implement a companionship program, it is wise to consider avoiding any threats. For example, according...

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