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Principles Of Health & Social Care Hnd

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Principles in Health
Social Care
By Marceline Bosongo Lokwa

Principles Of health & social care practice


In this essay will be cover principles in health and social care for example understand the impact of policies, legislation, regulations. Understanding how principles of support are implemented in health and social care practice. Understanding the theories that underpin health and social care practice, finally being able to contribute to development and implementation of health and social care organizational policy.



A care worker in ABC care home should be conscious not to involve themselves in any actions that could ...view middle of the document...

(human right act 1998) The procedure for protecting service users and colleagues from harm, this procedure is directly related to the delivery of our service and to the safety of service users and colleagues we have an obligation to minimize the risks, reduce the effect and prevent future incidents occurring by taking action to reduce potential harm to service users and colleagues, to ensure their safety within the service.

Informing service users and colleagues about the way their safety and well-being will be protected and any action they are required to take or not to take whiles using the service minimizing the risk of aggressive behaviour or physical treatment, minimising the range of other health and safety risks that could arise in the service environment, reviewing approach to harm prevention regularly and particularly after any critical incident within our service, providing a safe environment for everyone in our service for example: hygiene procedure preventing the spread of infection illnesses, health check and vaccination program, nutritional advice and support, no smoking policy.

Moreover, in ABC care home we have to protect service users from abuse because some service users and colleagues are less able to protect themselves than others and some have difficulty making their wishes and feelings clear, this may make them vulnerable, we should always do what is right to protect service users and colleagues making sure nothing or anyone else does not/will harm service user or colleague, mentally or physically.

The safety of our service users and colleagues in ABC care home is our first priority, as a care workers we are expected to work to a certain standard, we need to be able to do our job very well and behave good and do the right thing at all times this is essential to protect service users and others from harm, service users and their relatives and our colleagues expect this and we should expect this for ourselves

1.3:The benefit of following a person centred approach( community act 1990) with the service users in ABC care home, are providing a social environment that supports well-being needs. Understanding the words from the perspective of the resident more over an individual approach recognising uniqueness and value, a value based that asserts the absolute value of all human life regardless of age or cognitive ability

As a care worker at ABC care home our duty is making sure that service users are properly cared for in our residential care home and protecting their individual right of clients and making decisions in a manner that best meets their personal needs, for example we should support service users emotionally not putting to much stress on them but make them feel happy and contented good relationships with staff and others so they can be comfortable, however if care workers are not supporting service users...

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