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Princess Diana

Throughout her life all eyes were always on Princess Diana. Millions
came to identify with her and, when she died, they felt as though they
have lost a best friend. More than a year after the sudden end of her
privileged but imperfect life, Princess Diana's charity work still
motivates many others to donate their own time in hopes to help the
lives of others. Through the vigorous fund raising and campaigning,
Princess Diana has greatly effected the lives of the patients she has
reached out to.

The honorable Diana Frances Spencer weighed in at seven pounds,
twelve ounces when she was born on July 1, 1961. Her father
announced at the time of her birth, she was ...view middle of the document...

Many were shocked at the fact that she didn't wear
any protective clothing(Davies260). At that time the average Briton knew very little about AIDS. Some believed it could be caught and passed on by touch, kissing, or even
hugging someone who was infected. The revelation that a royal, like
Princess Diana, the mother of two young sons, one the heir to the
throne, had taken such an enormous risk with a deadly disease shocked
many people(Brennan88).

Many people wondered, and still to this day wonder if it was
advisable for the Princess of Wales to get involved. Buckingham Palace
was torn. Some of the Queen's advisers totally opposed the young
princess becoming involved with AIDS, a taboo subject never discussed
in polite company or at British upper-class dinner parties. In 1987,
many Britons condemned it as "that gay disease" which only affected
"homosexuals and drug addicts," two groups which received very little
sympathy from the chattering classes, many of whom believed the victims
were reaping the harvest they themselves had sown. The advisors argued
strongly that the public would be unsympathetic and warned that
becoming associated with AIDS charities could harm her position as the
future Queen. They also feared it could weaken public sympathy for the
Royal Family(Davies261). Despite much criticism, Diana was
determined. She contacted many charities to produce studies showing
how innocent babies and mothers who has nothing whatsoever to do with
homosexuality or drug addiction had caught the disease(Davies261).

The Palace bureaucracy reluctantly capitulated Diana's
determined arguments and pleas and officially met the senior
members of the charity. The Department of Health and the Charity
Commissioners had already investigated the National AIDS Trust and
reported that the charity was efficient and well run. It seemed a
highly reputable charity, one in which a member of the Royal Family
could become involved without risk of scandal by the trustees. Only
then did Buckingham Palace agree that Diana could go ahead(Brennan88).

Five years later, in 1992, Buckingham Palace adopted a
different attitude. Press spokesman Dickie Arbiter explained:
"It's abundantly clear that Princess Diana is determined to break down
prejudice about HIV. Nobody told her to adopt this cause. Everything
she does is spontaneous and nothing is premeditated. It was her own
decision to show someone infected with it(Davies262)." This quote
proves the kind heartiness of Princess Diana. It shows the only reason
she did the community service was to help others. The point that must
not be forgotten is that Diana does all this knowing that people are
misjudging her, but she's got the sense and compassion to follow her
own inner beliefs. Diana came far in helping others realize the truth
about those with HIV and disproved the many stereotypes of the sick.

"She was the first important person in Britain to show you...

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