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Primate Essay

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Marlene Martinez
Anthropology 101
May 17, 2014
Zoo Assignment
Monkeys and humans have been compared for years, we have all heard the expression “Monkey see, Monkey do”. Analyzing individual primates at the Santa Ana Zoo was quite an experience because when I use to hear monkeys I use to only picture one certain appearance and that was a brown monkey with a light brown face, and a long tail. Moneys are not just monkeys, humans aren’t just humans, and apes aren’t just apes they are all primates which is a mammal that has certain characteristics such as: flexible fingers and toes, opposable thumbs, flatter face than other mammals, have eyes that face forward and spaced close together, large ...view middle of the document...

This animal had hair loss due to a disease called Alopecia. Although this particular monkey had a disease it was so active during the whole time I analyzed its behavior. Most of the time this Brown Capuchin was eating or walking all over the place. He was mostly walking all around the cage which was very entertaining and after a little time he started auto grooming his companion in the cage which was as well a Brown Capuchin.
The other New World Monkey I observed was the the White-Faced Saki also known as the Pithecia Pithecia and it is mainly found in the Rainforest of Brazil. I analyzed this animal during the times from 11:00am to 11:20am. The physical description I saw in this primate was that it was black with a big pouch of a white face. The most common behaviors I saw in this particular primate during my observations was that it was mainly scratching and walking around. The cage that this primate was big so when I would look down to jot down my notes I would sometimes lose it because of all the trees and long branches. Towards the end of my analyzation of this monkey the Saki began to eat and the food cage was right in front of me and it looked like something orange but I couldn't quite figure out. It seemed to be that the monkey did not quite enjoy it so much because after two bites it just threw it on the floor. I found this behavior interesting because it almost something us humans do when we don't like something especially during our toddler years.
The last New World Monkey I analyzed was the Brown-Headed Spider Monkey which is also known as Ateles Paniscus. As part of the notes I saw that this animal comes from the tropical rainforest of Mexico which is actually really interesting because my ancestors come from Mexico and I had no idea that there was actually a rainforest in Mexico. The time interval that I analyzed this animal was from 11:30am to 11:50am and this monkey actually had a very active behavior and it was really a good experience to observe this monkey. The immediate physical description I was able to analyze from this primate was that it was black with a very long tail that later I was able to find out that it was actually a prehensile tail. The common behavior in this one was much walking and sitting during my analyzation. It was interesting to see the locomotion of this animal because I was able to see that it was both Quadrupedal and Bipedal. From the knowledge I have gotten from this class I know having that is a great advantage especially for the fact that it even uses it’s prehensile tail because it means they can travel for a much longer time compared to the primates that have only the locomotion of a quadrupedal. During my observation there was a point where the monkey was just prone on the cage and I thought it was almost going to pee on me because its genteel parts became very red so I stepped away from the cage. The primate at no time peed during my observation so that was a relief. As part of the ...

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