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Primary Value Of The Brand Siddhalepa

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Primary value of the brand Siddhalepa
Siddhalepa is one of the well recognized herbal trademarks in Sri Lanka, Which mainly concern about the human well being and sanitary problems. Ayurveda can be defined in holistic form of medicine affected from natural resources which makes an enhancing healthy way of life from the ancient time.  It is established on a perception of safety and efficacy when using Ayurveda products, which unambiguously avoid destructive side effects, providing the foundation of quality standards.  The outcome has been traditional and realistically environmental friendly and consumer friendly natural medicinal products.
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As an example they have understood that most of the people have minor pains in their body, so they are always looking for a product which brings the relief for their pains. Therefore they have offered list of products as the solution for the pains that the people are suffering from. These products are categorized according to the problem they have. As an example Siddhalepa balm is the first product which is developed by the company for the purpose of muscular pains. The company has offered some services for their customers such as Aryurvedic hospitals spas and hotels etc. they have maintained the relationships between the company and the customers throughout many decades. To make this legendary relationship they have used the concept of “our culture” for an example we can mention the free Siddhalepa service located in Adem’s Peak for the devotees who are coming to worship. When considering the value and satisfaction company has set the right level of expectations of the customers.

Under the point designing a customer driven marketing strategy Siddhalepa has succeeded mainly in three operations
a. Selecting customers to serve
b. Choosing a value position
c. Marketing management operations

The company has selected a range of customers to serve. According to the company from the child to adults it has a range. Generally it has considered the local people and the local market but now they have expanded their products internationally. They have obtained internationally available quality certificates.
Choosing a value position means how the company or the brand is going to serve targeted customers or value it promises to deliver to customers to satisfy their needs. Siddhalepa is always trying to serve the customers in the better way and they have a good awareness about their customers and their needs. They always try to serve their customers by identifying their needs and wants.
When considering the marketing management operations under the production concept they always try to keep the product available in anywhere, as an example any person can buy a Siddhalepa product from any shop in local market. According to the product concept they always care about the quality of their products and services. When considering the selling concept of the company they do not always try to advertise because they have developed a legend throughout several decades. Therefore they do not need much more advertising efforts and they do not try to compete with the others for the sales but other products and companies try to compete with them. For promotion they have some free services for their customers and they are doing some campaigns about their products and how they can be used to solve the problems of the customers. Under the customer concept they try to think about their individual customers and their needs and wants. When considering the social marketing concept they always consider about the customer and society’s well being.


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