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Primary Sources Essay

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Primary Sources Assignment
Newton, John. “Amazing Grace.” Hymns of the 49th Parallel. 5th ed. New York: Baptist Hymnals Publishers, 1974.

In the world of music, there are many songs that bring one joy, excitement, or delight. In other cases, there are songs that lead one to sadness, depression, or loneliness. However, there are also significantly few songs that reach down to the very depths of your heart and touch you in a way that is truly moving. This sort of emotion was felt when I heard the hymnal “Amazing Grace” by John Newton, and is still felt today. As a young child, I never really understood the complexity of the Holy Bible, the stories within it, or the ‘grace’ that is so ...view middle of the document...

It was at the altar, only a few feet away from where my mother softly continued play that I came to know Jesus as my Lord and Savior.
Tomlin, Chris. “Amazing Grace: My Chains Are Gone” See the Morning. Six Step Records, 2006. CD
This next song is basically an encore or rendition of the previous “Amazing Grace.” However, the Christian artist, Chris Tomlin, merely adds a verse of his own to echo the beauty the original exhibits. Many artists have performed similar moves most likely because of the popularity and historical background of the song. It is sung in most, if not all, churches services, and sung by many contemporary and pop-culture artists.
January, in the heart of my sophomore year of high school, I unexpectedly became very ill. Just when I thought everything was running smoothly, an antibody attacked my nervous system and essentially knocked everything ‘out of whack.’ My heart rate slowed to less than 30 beats a minute, my body temperature dropped to a mere ninety-four degrees, I experienced what the doctor’s termed “brain fog,” and my once strong body dwindled down to skin and bones. Consequently, I was forbidden from school and spent most nights at, or traveling back and forth to, the hospital. It was not long after this the doctors realized I would need a pacemaker to help my heart beat faster. This hurricane of grief and anguish all happened within about a month’s time and I thought I was a hopeless case.
In the numerous trips to hospitals, some of them being six hour treks or longer, my mother and I would always have the radio on to pass the time. In every instance, as inexplicable as it may seem, the song “Amazing Grace: My Chains Are Gone” would randomly to play. No matter when or where we were on our journey this song would randomly be playing the instant we turned the radio on. Though I did not realize it then, I now look back and see just how non-accidental these occurrences were. When I needed encouragement, or simply a sparkle of hope in the darkest of times, God was reminding me through this song that He is always with us and he is strong enough to save.
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