Pricing In The Gaming Industry Essay

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The first video game console created only cost $75 dollars. (Stahl, Ted. 2013). Video games are commonly recognized as a great source of entertainment, and according to some are better than television. Video games can be either expensive or inexpensive. They are viewed as having both negative and positive effects in our lives. For example, many parents blame video games for the increase in violence behavior amongst children and teens. They feel that violent games are the contributing factors as to why adolescents have develop more hostile feelings. On the contrary, there are those who view video games as an excellent educational tool. They feel that video games bring a ...view middle of the document...

The next type of game I want to discuss are mobile games. Mobile games are video games played on a feature phone, smart phone, PDA, tablet computer, portable media player or even a calculator. They are designed for short played and are often small in scope and do not required network connection. They have gained popularity over the last couple of years since they can be played virtually anywhere. Last but not least are the online games. Online games are video game played over some form of computer network, using a personal computer, video game console or handheld game console. These type of games required the connection to a computer network (internet). They provide the capabilities for multiplayer games and most of the time are played at no cost. Over the last couple of decades the success of gaming in general can be attributed to online games. I say this because online gaming has allow the development of many of the games that are so famous today such as: first shooter games, virtual games, real time strategy games and cross plat-forms game played to name a few. Online gaming's compatibility with consoles couple future technology has allowed for a possibility in gaming that is unimaginable.
The Beginning
Video games can find their roots dating as far back as the 1940's. It was during this time that Thomas Toliver Goldsmith Jr. filed the world's first cathode ray tube (CTR) based game and patent which describes a game in which a player controls the CRT's electron gun much like an Etch A Sketch. The beam from the gun is focused at a single point on the screen to form a dot representing a missile, and the player tries to control the dot to hit paper targets put on the screen, with all hits detected mechanically. By connecting a cathode ray tube to an oscilloscope and devising knobs that controlled the angle and trajectory of the light traces displayed on the oscilloscope, they were able to invent a missile game that, when using screen overlays, created the effect of firing missiles at various targets. To make the game more challenging, its circuits can alter the player's ability to aim the dot. Unfortunately, due to the equipment costs and various circumstances, the Cathode-Ray Tube Amusement Device was never released to the marketplace. Only handmade prototypes were ever created. (History of video games)
Although Goldsmith filed the first patent, it wasn't until the 1970's that video games started to become famous. Ralph Baer better known as "The Father of Video Games" was the one who started it all. In 1966 Baer started the development of the "Brown Box" console video game system and several other prototypes for the defense-electronics company known as Sanders Associates (out of Nashua, New Hampshire and who is now part of BAE Systems). Five years later in 1971, the "Brown Box" prototype was licensed to Magnavox. who renamed it to Magnavox Odyssey. In 1972 Magnavox Odyssey became the first console to be released for...

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