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Prevention Is Better Than Cure Essay

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Prevention is better than Cure
Prevention implies 'to stop doing something'. Cure means 'to find a solution'. Man is prone to commit mistakes. Prevention is the shield which saves mankind from many disasters, chaos and destruction. Man can foresee the happenings of the future. He checks himself from doing anything wrong.
We must measure very step we take. Cure involves much more effort and pain than what would needed to prevent a problem from affecting us. A cure is a blessing, but prevention is more than a blessing. It is better than cure. A wise act of cautious mind can check us from stepping into something wrong or dangerous. The act of right living makes everything possible. Living in ...view middle of the document...

Everything usually goes systematically if we plan for it earlier. The planned programme of vaccinating children well in time has led to the decrease of the incidence of diseases like polio, measles, tetanus etc. Thus, vaccination can prevent in time will help in the . prevention of these diseases in time will help in the eradication of the same.
It is also correct when it is said that we have to take risk or listen to our instincts at some level, but it is also a fact that we cannot take risk in some aspect of like education, finance, health etc. Any kind of carelessness in these aspects may cause destruction. So it is better to take all necessary precautions before hand.
A healthy, balanced diet and daily exercise can prevent the risk of falling prey to obesity. The obesity diseases like heart ailments, diabetes, blood pressure ect can also be taken care of. Today's, AIDS is the most terrifying and deadly disease. AIDS in incurable but it is preventable. Millions of people are suffering from this dreadful disease. A negligent act can make one suffer from AIDS. The use of disposable...

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