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Preventing Security Breaches: Collaborative Summary Essay

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Preventing Security Breaches: Collaborative Summary

Preventing Security Breaches: Collaborative Summary
When it comes to protecting the consumer’s information it not only includes the information contained on your personal bank/retailer card but also the information that you are required to enter on such self-service retail platforms such as KIOSK. According to the article, KIOSK Information Systems (KIOSK), offers licensing options for deplorers to secure their self-service retail platforms with Intel Security's McAfee Integrity Control technology before shipment and installation. Looks as if McAfee has taken their security software that is distributed to the average home CPU user and have expanded upon it to create and offer the consumer protection through their McAfee Integrity Control software, which provides extensive ...view middle of the document...

When it comes to preventive measures with KIOSK these measures would be the hardware, software and the content.
Unfortunately, with new technology there is always a loophole found. With this little safety net for some companies, it can allow hackers to swoop in and hack those spots. By gaining access, they can grab anyone's information. The simplest pop-up or seemingly harmless add on a browser can allow the advantage that the hackers need to grab access. McAfee happens to be a targeted antivirus software as well. Not for the knowledge that they are covered, but rather from the standpoint since it needs to be paid for. Once the person who has this security system decides to no longer pay for this service, then that individual is left vulnerable and targeted. However, McAfee is a great spyware system and it allows you to continue working and bring up multiple browsers while blocking what it needs to without the extra usage in your system.
Information security is the protection against criminal activity, danger, damage, and loss. A data breach is intentional or unintentional data spill of secured information into an untrusted environment or a hacker. Intel Security's McAfee is collaborating with KIOSK information systems. Providing security measures for connected devices such as mobile devices, software, hardware and computer network(s) at home and industry retailers. Two preventive measures mentioned in the article is protect your website and standardized cybersecurity policy in place, such as Intel McAfee Integrity Control and KIOSK in compliance with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) council. This will help protect individual, consumer, business and software weakness within retail systems. 

Information Technology Newsweekly (May 12, 2015). Intel Security; Intel Security and KIOSK Information Systems to Help Protect Point-of-Sale Self-Service Systems from Growing Cyber Threats
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