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Preventing Diabetes Essay

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Preventing Diabetes: A Literature Review
Health promotion is defined as “the process of advocating health in order to enhance the probability that personal (individual, family, and community), private (professional and business), and public (federal, state, and local government) support of positive health practices will become a societal norm,” (Edelman 2010, p. 14) as quoted by Kreuter and Devore (1980). The purpose of health promotion in nursing is to convince those who create our public policies that slowing these alarming trends and focusing on prevention of diabetes needs to be a national priority. Those who decide how our public resources are allocated must understand the gravity of ...view middle of the document...

Secondary prevention is the next level of health prevention. Secondary prevention comes into effect after a patient has been diagnosed with a certain disease or disorder and entails preventing complications and secondary illnesses related to the diagnosis. In the case of diabetes, secondary prevention consists of blood glucose screenings and hemoglobin A1-C screenings to monitor blood glucose levels. With this information, the nurse can then assist the patient with information regarding lifestyle and dietary changes that are needed to keep blood glucose levels in check and to prevent the onset of hypo- or hyper-glycemic reactions. It encourages the patient to engage in healthy lifestyle habits to maintain optimum health and, as a result, suffer less risk of adverse health effects. An example of secondary health prevention in diabetes management is explained in the article, Prescription of Aspirin for adults with Diabetes (Sabitha, Kamath, & Adhikari, 2008, p. 51-52). A study was done to assess the benefit of aspirin therapy in patients with diabetes related cardiovascular disease. The results of this particular study were unremarkable, as it was done on a very small group, but nonetheless, it is still an example of prevention of complications of a secondary disease in relation to a primary disease process.
Tertiary prevention is the third level of health prevention. “Tertiary prevention efforts aim at reducing the effects of the disease process by restoration of functions. In tertiary prevention, the disease is already identified and treatment has ensued. An example of tertiary prevention would involve physical therapy or speech therapy for an individual with a spinal injury” (Grand Canyon University, 2011, para. 5). In the case of Diabetes, tertiary prevention can slow the progression of diabetes and minimize the symptoms; it involves actual treatment of the disease. “According to the CDC, diabetes researchers have determined that even modest improvement in controlling blood glucose acts to help prevent diabetic retinopathy, neuropathy, and kidney disease. Reducing blood pressure has the potential to reduce cardiovascular complications (heart disease and stroke) by as much as 50 percent and to reduce the risk of retinopathy, neuropathy, and kidney disease by almost one-third”...

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