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Pressure On Young Women Essay

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For Girls. It’s Be Yourself, and Be Perfect, Too:
Pressure on Young Women

For young women today there seems to be enormous pressure to be beyond perfect. Why as a society do we place these kinds of pressures on our children? A good example is the story “For Girls, It’s Be Yourself, and Be Perfect, Too” by Sara Rimer. It focuses on two amazing teen girls Esther and Colby who have to face many issues that many young women today have to confront now as well as the stress it entails. Esther and Colby learn right from the start that they have to be perfect during every waking hour and not waste anytime. The girl’s lives are influenced by their parent’s desires and the opinions of their ...view middle of the document...

Get into a top college—which doesn’t have to be in the Ivy League, or one of the elites like Williams, Tufts or Bowdoin, but should be a “name” school. The second message: Be yourself. Have fun. Don’t work too hard. The third message: While it is now cool to be smart, it is not enough to be smart. (Page 2.)
Society still put out the same messages as those in the story but, they have now added more messages for your young women. When will this stop, expecting too much out of our girls. We need to accept then as they are. If girls don’t accomplish the goals set out for them they have serious consequences, they might loose their self-esteem, develop psychological illness, become unhappy with how they look or what they became. The more pressure that is put on the amazing girls the more overwhelming feeling they get and more likely they are to commit suicide, or just plainly fail at everything and go onto a melt down. Everyone want the best for the girls so they need to stop expecting everything out of then and except them for what they can do so that they can be happy with their lives.
Esther doesn’t fit in with her peers. She’s different and original. Esther doesn’t place all her values on her looks, or brains. The teachers and schools place enormous pressure on her. The peers keep trying to tell her what they accomplished and what she needs to do. They keep trying to get her to take different classes and have different extracurricular activities. Esther is one of the few that tries to stay true to her self. When society bugs her she tells them how she feels. Esther is going after her passion not want everyone else wants.
Ester states “I have a strong sense of being supported by my faith, it gives me priorities. That’s why I’m not concerned about making money, because I know that there is so much more to living a rich life than having money.” (Page 5)
You cannot really nail down a direct historical source that makes young women believe they have to be a certain way. There are so many possibilities out...

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