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Press Release Paper

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Additional Course Materials – Case Report


DATE OF INCIDENT: January 11, 2013

LOCATION: 5000 block of main


DEFENDANT: John L. Brown
DOB 06-26-60
Greenbrier, TX 77021

VICTIM: James Black
DOB 08-01-33


At or about 11:38am on January 11, 2013, John Brown ...view middle of the document...

Houston, TX 77021
(713) 796-0000

Mr. Smith can testify he heard gunshots and then saw John Brown holding a rifle near Robert Lowe’s body. Smith can also testify that on the previous day Brown told him he was going to kill Lowe.

800 Maple Lane
Houston, TX 77031
(713) 400-5000

Mr. Jackson can testify John Brown told him he was going to find the person who broke into his house.

3000 W. Manchester, #19, Houston, TX
(281) 909-3221

Ms. Tidwell can testify Chris Johnson told her John Brown had been looking for Robert Lowe and was going to kill him when he found him.

100 Sweet River Lane, Houston, TX
(832) 700-4321

Ms. Lister can testify John Brown told her he was looking for Robert Lowe and
was going to kill him when he found him.

Riceland Fire and Emergency Medical Department
(281) 680-9876

Captain Martin can testify he was the first of the emergency personnel to reach the victim and can describe the victim’s condition.

Riceland Fire and Emergency Medical Service
(281) 600-9876

Green was among the ambulance crew from the Riceland Fire and Emergency Medical Service to treat victim.

Riceland Fire and Emergency Medical Service
(281) 600-9876

Lincoln was among the ambulance crew from the Riceland Fire and Emergency Medical Service to treat victim.

Riceland Fire and Emergency Medical Service
(281) 600-9876

Collins was among the ambulance crew from the Riceland fire and Emergency Medical Service to treat victim.

250 Coldriver Spring
Houston, TX
(832) 771-9700

Dr. Meeks can testify to the autopsy of the victim Robert Lowe.

Riceland Coroner’s Office

Ms. Potter can testify to the investigation of the death of Robert Lowe at Mercy Methodist Hospital.


As of January 11, 2013 there have been several businesses that were robbed. However, many of the businesses that were robbed, were all robbed the same way. There were three liquor stores, one auto parts store, and five check cashing stores, and the most recent robbery took place on yesterday night. These robberies seem to be connected in every aspect because, all the witnesses has given the same descriptions of the two men along with the way the robbery went. In each robbery case either one or both of the suspects will enter into the building and show a gun, and order the individuals to hand over the cash. According to the investigators they believe that the robberies that took place are the work of two people not one. The dates and locations that are listed are the businesses that were marked and they are as follows:
1-11-11 at 11:3 am-Bob’s Fine Wines, 5000 block of Main Street
4-8-11 at 3:22 pm- Check Cashing Inc. 2600 block of...

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