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Presidential Facts Essay

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Weird Presidential Facts
Many presidential facts are know. Also many are not know. Some of the most weirdest, craziest and interesting facts that people don’t know. There is something out there about any of our United States president that you didn’t know. I’m only going to tell you about some of them.
Some of the crazy interesting facts are George Washington, he never lived in the white house. This was because the capital was actually located in Philadelphia and other cities. Also, Washington is the only president who didn’t belong to a political party. A lot of people think Washington teeth were made out of wood, but actually they were made out of elephant and walrus tusks. Our third ...view middle of the document...

There is a road called Lincoln Hwy after him. I use to go and play on Lincoln highway in Cairo, OH. They named this road after him because he was the first one to travel on it. He was the only president to be a licensed bartender. Also, Abraham was our tallest president standing at six foot and four inches. His child, Willie twelve years old, was the first child to die in the White House.
Something crazy to think about it wasn’t until our nineteenth president that they used a phone. Rutherford B. Haynes, his was the first president to use a phone. His number was one. He had been wounded in the civil war five time and was know for his courage. He was a father of eight and his wife banned alcohol from the White House. As a young boy Haynes suffered from Lyssophobia, which is the fear of going insane. Also, gospel sing along where held in the White House every night as a family.
Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt, was the cause of teddy bears. He refused to shoot a small cub one day. It was reported on the news that’s when toy company’s decided to make cute little stuffed bears for the kids. He did not like his nickname Teddy. He suffered from asthma as a child. He was known for his rough edges. He was the youngest president at the age of forty-two when McKinley was assassinated.
Franklin D. Roosevelt...

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