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Presenting Essay

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Actual Situation
1.Water polltution
Water pollution situation in Hanoi is very clearly. In Hanoi, the quantity of waste water from daily activities is directly let out canal, river or irrigation canal. There are many hospitals and chemical site have not got waste water treatment.
In Hanoi, total of sewage is 300,000 to 400,000 m3 /day. Recently, 5/31 chemical facilities have water proposal, amounting to 25% waste water from hospital. About 36/400 manufacture sites have water treatment. The volume of rubbish have not collected is 1,200 m3/day and they are let out the area around the lake, canal in the urban. The BOD index, NH4, NO2, NO3 in water in the city is beyond too much as the acceptation.
According to the 2005 report, the everyday population and industrial factories and cottage industries in Hanoi discharged 300 000 tons of waste water discharged the river each year, the lake is about 3 600 tonnes of organic 317 tonnes of wheat oil, tens of tons of heavy metals, ...view middle of the document...

1 percent of hydrocarbon and dust in the air in Hanoi exceeded the allowed level many times.

The average annual PM10 concentrations at the station located at the University of Civil Engineering

Results of the survey of 400 industrial facilities are operating in the city shows that: Nearly 200 potential facility discharge of air pollutants
The facility focuses on the construction of industrial zones uncured thorough toxic emissions. According to the Department of Natural Resources, Environment and Housing Hanoi, the every year industrial facilities in Hanoi consumes about 240,000 tons of coal, 250,000 tons of gasoline, oil and air emitted more than 80,000 tons of dust, 10,000 tons of SO2, 46,000 tons of carbon dioxide, causing adverse impacts on air environment quality in some areas of the city.
The process of urbanization is taking place with the construction activities, repairing and renovating houses; expanding and upgrading the transport system. According to statistics, in Hanoi always have over 1,000 large and small construction projects under construction; every month about 10,000 m2 road dug for construction of infrastructure projects. The construction activities are regularly emit dust into the environment, making air pollution worse. Besides, the activities of the people living also significantly affected the air environment cooking coal, oil, especially firewood, is estimated to contribute to about 10% of waste pollute the air environment in Hanoi.
3.Soil pollution
Ha Noi is facing with a huge amount of solid waste, especially household solid waste. Household solid waste accounts for 80 percent of the total solid waste and has been increasing quickly along with the growth of population and wave of migration to big urban areas. In Hanoi, the estimated amount of household solid waste in urbans areas is about 3,500 tons per day which is double to that in 2007. The amount of household solid waste in Hanoi increases by 15 percent per year.Solid waste in rural areas arises from household, agriculture and animal farming, and crafts villages. The amount of solid waste in rural areas is about 1,500 tons per day. Notably, only 40-70% of solid waste in the countryside is treated and the remaining volume is disposed in lakes, rivers, streams, etc.Besides, the amount of solid waste in industrial areas is about 750 tons per day.

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