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Presentation Essay

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Hello everyone. I am going to talk about how students could use the tasks and assignments through 뜨루 using the Nearpod. As pengchao said, there are a lot of features in the nearpod. I will focus on 2 specific method today. That is mini quizzes and homework. We sometimes have mini quizzes in business communication class. For example, what is article, what is the best position of preposition like that. So professors always give us a quiz paper every quizzes. It can be so hard to do typing and printing it. However, it is not necessary in nearpod. Let me explain the strategies. First step is the professors must log-in first and make quizzes in their presentation. They can log-in through google account or make new ...view middle of the document...

The homework in nearpot is to review the slides after classes. For example, the professors email students like Hello~ this is slides for my classes~ like that. And the link is also included there. So if the students click the link, they can see the slides.

I will show you how to use the nearpod.
As I mentioned before, the professors must log-in and make their presentation first. I already made account. After the professors log-in, they can see 3parts. Create will be used for creating new presentation and edit it, engage will be used for launching their presentation to the students during the class, and assess can be used after class for checking who were there, who got how many quiz score like that. I made also example presentation before, I will put engage. If professors put their presentation, it is ready for class. Live session can launch now, I will talk about homework later. Click the live session, finally we can see the first page of presentation. Now, students pages. Join session is the way to enter professors’ presentation. The students have to put the pin number, the number is here. Also students can see the same slide. The professors can check who is here immediately. Also they can share their slides, and photo also. Now, the quiz section. IF the professor share quiz section, the professor see students name and the charts. And then the students can take quiz here. After summit, the teacher can see their answers and statistics here.
I will show you homework also.
Do you remember this page? Put the homework button, the mail is appeared. Put the students’ email address and send, the students can see the mail like that. Put the link, they can see the slide which studied in the class.

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