Present Condition Of World N Security Issues

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Delegate of The Republic of India

INDIAwas an old civilization with great cultural resourses, which however was stratified socially,economically and politically.It's located in South of Asia in the world map .The neighbouring countries of India are PAKISTAN, BANGLADESH,CHINA,SIRLANKA and BHUTAN. India is a democatratic and secular state.The present PrimeMinister of inda is MANMOHAN SHING and the President is SHRI PRANAB MUKHER JEE.The current political poition of India is very good in light of the most intellectual finance man in heading the government i-e SIR MANMAOHAN SINGH. He is enjoying with the reforms what he introduced when he is in the ...view middle of the document...

Factors influencing indian's foreign policy has been to secure itself and stragtegic autonomy so that it can pursue it's national interest.INDIA'S critical security concerns are:-
External security
Internal security
Sustained economic growth
Maritime security
Acess to technology
TOO many miltary bases are exists in the world .More than 1,000 in 63 different countries. DUE to increasing in the number of these bases number of foreign conflicts are also increasing day by day. Some countries increasing their number of bases all over the world because they wants their dominec over the rest of the world. LIKE US has more than 500 miltary bases all over the world.ON the other hand India has only one military base tha is AYNI MILITARY BASE in tajikistan .THE AYNI air basa in tajikistan happens to be india's first military base and yet india has not been able to make AYNI truelly a foreign military base that compite the other miltary base around the world .
According to the present world condition.there are four very different emerging powers CHINA,INDIA,BRAZIL and SOUTH AFRICA.
China: global power
India: great power
Brazil: medium global power
South africa: medium continental power
Major foreign bases are limited in number, mainly in Europe and the Pacific/Asia. Some bases have been closed in recent BRACs, but others have been realigned and merged with other posts, or transferred to our allies with a limited compliment of U.S. personnel. I would also add that bases in Alaska and Hawaii are considered overseas assignments, even though they firmly reside in two states.

The joint basing plan of the BRAC is already underway, and we'll probably see the closure of a few more installations within the next five to ten years. Much of the present concern is developing because of emerging threats, and with our forces and defense budget tied up in Iraq and Afghanistan, maintaining our technological edge is growing more difficult. It's not so much that people are crying wolf as long-term vision on what we should expect within the next half-century.
Some countries are foucusing on their number of military bases, all over the world beacuse they need their dominence all over the world.Some military bases may also play positive role .They become in a position to look after their political and ecnomical intrests , thus they enjoy dominence in the country and atlarge in the region.These bases are a great threat to the country and to the region because , the clash of the intrests may result in a world war.
Although military bases have become a need for the gret powers of the world but, the prime purpose of such bases should to safegaurd the econmomic intrest not to enjoy domience in the region.
These military bases should be establish with the bilateral consus and, they should not be a threat to region.
Number of these bases should be limited and according need.

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