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Preparing Myself Against The “Nine Deadly Sins Of Project Planning”

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Preparing myself against the “Nine Deadly Sins of Project Planning”
Instructor: Dr. Stephen Vodhanel
January 10, 2015
Mark E. Johnson Jr.

In preparing myself for the Nine Deadly Sins of Project Planning, I will be focusing on each factor individually by stating what I will be doing to make sure my projects and planning do not fail pertaining to now and within the future to come.
Firstly, I will focus on the first sin that being not planning at all. Knowing that every detail when it comes to project planning is key, I have reviewed and understand that making sure each detail must be reviewed and understood before the planning must begin. Not planning at all can cause ...view middle of the document...

Nevertheless, my plan will follow the risk that could occur, not enough budget, weather, lack of employees, low amount of supplies, etc., with this being said developing a plan B pertaining to these mishaps is something I will always have in play just in case the initial plan does not work out according to the plan.
Referring to the fourth sin using the same plans, I have realized that the use of old plans will not always work for future plans. Upon this realization I will implement a new plan per every new job focusing on the improvements of this new plan, and also focusing on the negatives of the old to plan to implement ideas and improvements to make sure I don’t make the same mistake twice.
Applying prepackaged plans indiscriminately is the fifth sin of project planning, “meaning canned plans may not meet your needs at hand.” (Whittington, 2002) Understanding the needs that must be met are important not only to you but your fellow team as well. Implementing new ideas of ways to establish project plans is a good way to stay clear of this mistake, once idea may work for him/her but may not work for you establish ideas of your own so that your needs are met in the manner that they were meant.
Allowing a plan to change from project reality refers to the sixth sin; this is a simple yet confusing task it can. In addressing this sin making sure I am flexible to changes is key in my project planning with knowing this accepting changes will make my job easier and swifter in the long run, and as well as making sure the job is done right...

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