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Prepare For Your Deathbed While You’re Still Alive

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Prepare for Your Deathbed While You’re Still Alive
When you’re gasping your last breath, what will you be thinking about?

For some people, every day is an adventure filled with limitless possibilities. For some, each day brings the security of a regular routine and familiar activities. And for others, the daily grind is not much to look forward to. But no matter what each day promises to bring, when you wake up in the morning there is another day to anticipate. Unfortunately, that won’t always be the case.
When faced with the fact that you have only a handful of tomorrows left to plan for, and you don’t have a reason to think about future plans, your thoughts will naturally turn to your ...view middle of the document...

Build a birdhouse, knit a scarf, plant a garden, or just fill a notebook with elaborate doodles. Don’t let criticism deter you; pursue your creative impulses for your own satisfaction and reward.
Inspire. Tutor a student and encourage them to reach for the stars academically. Speak kindly of others and offer support to those who are suffering or struggling to overcome challenges. Be a mentor to a young person. Volunteer to work with boy scouts, girl scouts, youth groups, or boys’ and girls’ clubs. When others seek your advice, be a good listener and offer them well-considered and useful suggestions. Inspire your friends and co-workers by being a living example of honesty, dependability, ethics, kindness, compassion, and empathy.
Improve. Leave the world—or at least your little part of the world—in better shape than you found it. Improve your community by helping to build churches, playgrounds, and houses for neighbors in need. Volunteer at a homeless shelter and offer a hand up by helping homeless people find jobs and improve their lives. Help out with community cleanup projects or...

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