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Preparation Of Papers For Aiaa Technical Conferences

5366 words - 22 pages

Preparation of Papers for AIAA Technical Conferences

First A. Author[1] and Second B. Author, Jr.[2]
Business or Academic Affiliation 1, City, State, Zip Code

Third Author[3]
Business or Academic Affiliation 2, City, Province, Zip Code, Country


Fourth C. Author[4]
Business or Academic Affiliation 2, City, State, Zip Code

These instructions give you guidelines for preparing papers for AIAA Technical Conferences. Use this document as a template if you are using Microsoft Word 2000-XP or later, or Word for Mac OS X. Otherwise, use this document as an instruction set. Define all symbols used in the abstract. Do not cite references in the abstract. The footnote on ...view middle of the document...

dot file and then click “File>Save As:” to save the template. (Note: Windows users will need to indicate “Save as Type>Document Template (*.dot)” when asked in the dialogue box; Mac users should save the file in the “My Templates” directory.) To create a new document using this template, use the command ”File>New>From Template” (Windows) or “File>Project Gallery>My Templates” (Mac). The new document that opens will be titled “Papers_Template.doc.” To create your formatted manuscript, type your own text over sections of Papers_Template.doc, or cut and paste from another document and then use the available markup styles. The pull-down menu is at the left of the Formatting Toolbar at the top of your Word window (for example, the style at this point in the document is “Text”). Highlight a section that you want to designate with a certain style, then select the appropriate style name from the pull-down style menu. The style will automatically adjust your fonts and line spacing. Do not change the font sizes, line spacing, or margins. Use italics for emphasis; do not underline.

Procedure for Paper Submission

All manuscripts are to be submitted electronically via the ManuscriptCentral upload site created for each conference. The manuscript upload site will be created several weeks after acceptance notices are sent. Contact authors of accepted papers will receive an email from ManuscriptCentral with instructions for accessing sites once the site has been created.
Within the manuscript upload site, you will have the opportunity to edit your paper title, although you must complete your submission prior to the manuscript deadline for the title change to be reflected in the conference program. Before you can complete the submission of your manuscript, you will also need to select a copyright statement to appear on your paper. This is done electronically in Step 1 of the submission process within the ManuscriptCentral site. At Step 2, you upload your manuscript, and at Step 3 you must view a pdf of your uploaded document and then click the submit button. You have not completed your submission until you have clicked the submit button. Please note that the submit button will not be activated until after you have viewed the pdf.
Please be sure that all security settings are removed from your pdf file before uploading as this will prevent your document from being processed.

General Guidelines

The following section outlines general (nonformatting) guidelines to follow, drawn from the original AIAA Manuscript Preparation Kit. These guidelines are applicable to all authors (except as noted), and include information on the policies and practices relevant to the publication of your manuscript.

Publication by AIAA

Your manuscript cannot be published by AIAA if:
1) It has been published previously or
2) An appropriate copyright statement has not yet been selected.

Paper Review and Visa Considerations

It is the...

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