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Prenatal And Postpartum Essay

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Prenatal and Postpartum Scenario

As your psychologist you are a very important individual to me, not just my patient, so I have taken the time out to create this memorandum in order to address these following subjects: your pregnancy length of six months and suffering from Post-Partum Depression.
First let us discuss some activities you will need to focus on during your pregnancy:
Get all of your rest:
Rest is one of the most important factors during pregnancy because of the consequences that can result from the lack of rest and sleep. Avoid exhausting exercise and get as much sleep as you can. By not sleeping you can affect the fetus’ development and possibly cause a miscarriage to take place.
Get all your Nutrients:
Make sure to eat well and healthy. Many soon to be mothers do not take into consideration their diets and how much of an impact it will have on your baby. The rights foods ...view middle of the document...

(Berger, 2010) They increase the risk of prenatal abnormalities. Teratogens include viruses, chemicals, and drugs. They can also be found in household products and cleaners, and with that being said, always read the labeling and avoid inhaling miscellaneous substances.
These three activities are the most important of them all, you must keep yourself updated and educated on simple facts of pregnancy. Without performing these activities you are definitely putting yourself and your fetus at risk. Be sure to protect yourself and your baby.
Moving on, Postpartum Depression is the most common and serious condition which occurs during the first year of childbirth Statistics show that 10% to 20% of mothers are affected and the scariest part is that almost half of them go undiagnosed. Symptoms that occur during PPD (Postpartum Depression) are sadness, lack of confidence, and inadequacy. During PPD you may suffer from misjudgment in baby care, but I have some more activities you can perform to evade this result.
My recommendations would be to bond with your newborn, give it some close contact in order to establish a bonding relationship through the skin to skin contact. This can help reduce PPD. Avoid isolation yourself from others especially the baby, express yourself and your feelings, and there’s always help when you need it do not feel ashamed or too proud to ask. This is where the Father Roll comes into play; he can take over when you are feeling overwhelmed or simply tired. Do not take it on all by yourself.
Practice these steps and activities in order to produce a healthy and normal baby and reduce the chances of PPD and possibly harming yourself and/or the newborn. These affects can follow an individual through their entire life.

Best of wishes Jane,
Dr. Marc V. Michel

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