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Premier Cement Essay

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Term Paper Report
Analysis of Environmental Costing Research

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Asphia Habib

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Letter of Transmittal

6th December 2012
Ashphia Habib
BRAC Business School
BRAC University.

Dear Ma’am,

We are delighted to present the Report on “Environmental Costing and Analysis” of Square Bangladesh.

Your instructions have been strictly followed by us to build up a vivid picture of the company’s Environment issues & cost performance as you have mentioned.

Yours Sincerely,

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Thank You.

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To analyze the state of Premier Cement Mills Ltd, the internal strengths and weaknesses along with the external threats and opportunities have also been included in the report. The company is a part of the industry and thus it very important for Premier Cement Mills Ltd to understand the situations, problems and the trends prevailing in the industry. By observing all this, we have come up with some recommendations which we have included in this report. We have ended this report with a conclusion.

Premier Cement Mills Ltd is one of the leading cement companies of the country. The company was started off by top ranking businessmen who had long years of experience in the cement business. Premier Cement Mills Ltd was incorporated on 14th October 2001 and it started its production on 12th March 2004 commercially. The company is well known for producing quality cement at a low price. The head office and the commercial building of Premier Cement Mills Ltd is located in TK Bhaban, Karwan Bazar, Dhaka. The other office of PMCL is located in Chittagong. The team consists of three leading groups of Bangladesh which are T.K Group of Industries, Seacom Group and Jahangir & Others. The Board of Directors of the company consists of members from each of the above three groups. A total number of 450 employees work in PMCL. Currently, the company runs with an annual production capacity of 9 Lacs tons (per Month 75,000 tons). The company manufactures two types of cement which are the Portland Composite Cement and the Portland Pozzolana Cement which is made solely for exporting. The present production capacity of the ongoing project of the year 2010 of Premier Cement Mills Ltd is 1,200,000.00 tons. The company uses the European Standard Method (ESTM) to manufacture their products. They are also one of the few companies in Bangladesh who use European machineries and technologies to produce their products. Premier Cement Mills Ltd has its own mother vessels, Lorries, trucks and vans through which they deliver their products to their customers. They also export their products to India and Sri Lanka every year. The company has recently acquired a factory of a cement company in Chittagong which will help them to expand and increase their production in the near future.

This is an Environment Costing and Analysis report which we have prepared to fulfill the requirement of the course ACT 202. This following report has been assigned to us by my instructor Ms. Ashphia Habib. W have worked with Premier Cement Mills Ltd for a limited time span for accruing as much internal information; where we had the opportunity to see and learn new things about how a cement company in Bangladesh operates. This report reflects about my in-depth understanding about the various aspects of this company and the cement industry on the whole.

The main objectives of this report are:
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