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Premarital Sex Essay

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1.1 Sexually transmitted diseases
Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) amongst adolescents are a worldwide growing health problem. Approximately one million people contract sexually transmitted infections every day and 50% of them are adolescents aged 15-24 years (Lazarus, Sihvonen-Riemenschneider, Laukamm-Josten, Wong & Liljestrand, 2010). STDs include many different sexually transmittable infectious diseases such as chlamydia, gonorrhoea, genital herpes, human papilloma virus (HPV), human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), and syphilis. An STD is transmitted through vaginal, oral and anal sexual contact as well as through blood products. STDs can also be transmitted from ...view middle of the document...

A similar study in Rio de Janeiro (Trajman et al., 2003) showed that all participants had heard of HIV, but far less knew of other STDs such as gonorrhea, syphilis and genital herpes. Sixteen percent of the adolescents thought that AIDS was curable, which shows great lack of knowledge in the seriousness of STDs. Many adolescents (90%) stated that they felt that their knowledge on STDs was too low and wanted to know more. Seventy-eight percent wanted to get this information through school. Concerning sexual education, a study carried out in Thailand by Sridawruang, Pfeil & Crozier (2010) investigated the parental role in this subject. The study showed that most Thai parents had not discussed sex education issues with their adolescent children. Sex is, in Thailand as well as globally, considered a sensitive and controversial issue, which complicates the discussion and education of it. Barriers were found that prevent parents providing information on this issue, for example the parents stated that they believed sex is a delicate issue, which brings awkwardness and embarrassment and therefore did not speak of it at home. The adolescents stated that if they contracted an STD they would find it difficult to talk to their parents about it. The parents also stated that it is against Thai culture to educate ones children on sex, and believed that sexual education should be given at schools. When the adolescents were asked they also said that they preferred to receive sexual education from schools, but stated that the education they received was not adequate. The authors conclude that sociocultural norms and the core values of Thai society discourage the discussion of sex. Sexual education must be improved to avoid unwanted pregnancies and unnecessary STDs in Thailand. However it is difficult to provide satisfactory sexual education in Thailand since it is considered a social taboo. It is not always a part of the school curricula and the teachers are often reluctant to teach it (Liu et al 2006).
A study from Malaysia by Awang, Wong, Jani and Low (2013) investigated the knowledge of sexually transmitted diseases and sexual behaviors among Malaysian male youths. The results showed that 92% of the respondents had heard of at least one of the listed STDs, which included syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, yeast infection, herpes, genital warts, trichomoniasis and HIV/AIDS. The disease that most people knew of was HIV/AIDS (90%) and syphilis (59%). The least known diseases were chlamydia and trichomoniasis, only 13 % of the respondents were aware of those diseases. When it came to STD transmission, 95 % of the respondents knew at least one method.
A study carried in the United States by Clark, Jackson and Allen-Taylor (2002) showed that despite having received relevant education from school, home and/or friends, a high percentage of adolescents were lacking in knowledge regarding various STDs. The adolescents who had been educated by parents, school,...

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